10 Ways to Celebrate Finance & Accounting Appreciation Week

Calling all Accountants and Financial Operations professionals! This week we’re celebrating YOU. 

It’s no secret that the finance function is the glue that holds the business together. You’re a numbers champion, a spreadsheet superstar, a leader of actionable strategy—you basically kick a**.

Which is why we’re following in IOFM’s footsteps and celebrating their annual Finance & Accounting Appreciation Week. At Tipalti, we recognize the many contributions that the vast and dynamic community of financial professionals make daily, and we believe your achievements should be celebrated. 

So, kick-back, relax and make sure your team is fully maximizing this awesome week.

10 Ways to Celebrate Finance & Accounting Appreciation Week

1. Send a “Thank-You” email to your hard-working team

Tipalti Tip: Consider a hand-written note for an extra touch of sincerity.

2. Hand out productivity gift baskets

Tipalti Tip: Nothing says appreciation quite like a $10 Starbucks gift card.

3. Take your team out to lunch

Tipalti Tip: Better yet, host a team Happy Hour.

4. Express your gratitude company-wide

Tipalti Tip: Send an email blast or feature your employees on social media—make sure your team is appreciated by all!

5. Plan a fun team activity

Tipalti Tip: Go off-site to partake in a team-building exercise like an escape room or ropes course.

6. Offer some extra time off

Tipalti Tip: If adding an extra PTO day isn’t realistic, consider allowing a few WFH days.

7. Promote work-life balance through additional incentives

Tipalti Tip: Gift your team with a free month of ClassPass or a movie package.

8. Collect anonymous employee feedback

Tipalti Tip: Gauge your team’s overall happiness by focusing on current workflows and resources.

9. Invest in your team’s educational development 

Tipalti Tip: Send employees to an industry conference or workshop that can help sharpen their skill-set. 

10. Elevate your financial processes by adopting an automated solution

Tipalti Tip: “True appreciation” is having the tools you need to succeed. Create optimum appreciation year-round by ensuring your team isn’t bogged down by tedious, manual work.