Accounts Payable Poetry Hour

Fresh off the Elevate Finance tour, Tipalti’s resident Poet Laureate, Shauna Steib, is back with a piece of prose so powerful that we had to share it with the public…


Rhapsody in AP

How would you rank your productivity in AP?

Is it a 10, or maybe a 3?

Do you onboard your vendors by hand?

If yes, your clerks may be, the saddest in the land.

Are you drowning in bills galore?

So much so, that your team’s hands are incredibly sore?

What about reconciliation each month?

Does that have you wanting to throw stuff?

If this sounds like you, there’s no need to fret,

Tipalti is here, with the best solution yet!

We’re NetSuite’s 2019 SuiteApp of the Year,

Here to spread, all the AP cheer!

Won’t you meet with me,

So you too can experience payables glee?

—Shauna Steib, Finance Expert & Elegant Wordsmith


*Snaps Fingers*