How Hyper-Growth Networks Solve Publisher Payments

Examining how growing, overachieving networks are removing payments challenges as an obstacle to future success.

How Hyper-Growth Networks Solve Publisher Payments 1

According to IAB and PwC, U.S. digital ad spend reached a record-setting $88 billion in 2017 – a 21 percent increase over 2016. Digital also overtook broadcast and cable television for the first time. Nearly every digital category – mobile, video, social, search, display, and audio – saw an increase.

AdTech remains one of the most critical enablers for internet commerce and digital media, and publisher payments an essential component of AdTech. So, what are networks doing to optimize their results, and how are they using their payments as a means to boost their bottom line.

In How Hyper-Growth Networks Solve Publisher Payments, see real world examples of how networks have navigated payment issues all while improving brand loyalty and satisfaction.

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  • How to enhance global publisher relations
  • Ways to reduce operational friction
  • Adding risk and fraud mitigation
  • How early payments can impact your network

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