Affiliate Program & App Monetization

While many associate affiliate programs with retail websites, these are also beneficial toward app monetization. Rather than paying for traffic that lands on a specific product or website, it gives developer payments when people use the app. There are specific types of apps for which this should be utilized, as well as pros and cons.

Types of Apps

Though this type of marketing could be used for a variety of apps, it is best for those that have businesses pay the developer. This is often going to happen when the business is going to lose money, such as empty seats at a concert, or empty hotel rooms for the day. The business then gives the developer payments to put discounted tickets on their app. Users search it and get last-minute deals.

Pros of Affiliate Payment

– Business and User Benefit: the business and user benefit from the affiliate program. The business fills their empty seat, and the user saves money.

– Ad-Free App: Since the business pays you, the developer, to market their unused ticket, your app then does not need any advertisements to make money.

– Unlimited Success: You are not bound by traditional means to make a profit. As long as you can find businesses and good deals, people will be there to purchase.

Cons of Affiliate Payment

– High Competition: The affiliate program is almost a guaranteed way to have a successful app. This, in turn, means that a lot of developers are going to create similar apps. You need to figure out how to make yours stand out.

– Less Control: As you go forward, you will find that there is less control over the commission you are making. Normally, you would have a set monthly income based on average clicks and advertisements. With this sort of app monetization, it can quickly change, depending on supply and demand.

There are many methods to successfully monetize your app. An affiliate program may not work for every app, but those for which it does will find it extremely beneficial.