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Anna McDonough “I started using Tipalti as a payment solution for my business when manually paying vendors was becoming too difficult and time consuming. After the initial set up, payments are easy…


Eran Weizel VP Finance “We’ve experienced extraordinarily rapid growth over the last few years, and Tipalti’s payment automation solution has helped ensure we could keep up with that growth and scale…

GlobalWide Media

GlobalWide Media chose Tipalti as a primary strategy towards eliminating mass payment friction to their publishers. ☆ Read the story.


Online marketplace Flytographer outgrew its PayPal-only payments system and turned to Tipalti to improve onboarding, communications, tax, and compliance capabilities along with making global mass payments.


Kevin Finlay Controller “Using Tipalti has reduced our man-hours (and costs) considerably. We send weekly and monthly payments in the thousands and I'd hate to go back to doing this ourselves.…


Lior Shtark Chief Revenue Officer “ Tipalti is phenomenal in being able to support the complex affiliate onboarding and payment needs of our growing network. We're able to scale our business faster and…

Internal Framework for Accounts Payable Controls

An internal controls framework provides the basis for minimizing risk in accounts payable and ensuring financial compliance before paying suppliers.

Payment API


Learn about the limitations of a bank ACH API to transfer ACH and wire payments. Tipalti's API automates mass ACH payments without an ACH API.

Automating Ecommerce Supplier Invoice Workflow and Communications

????   Here are some potential approaches that ecommerce companies can look to adopt to streamline accounts payable supplier invoice processes.

New Tricks for Ecommerce Operations

Warning: None of these are the super sexy, high flying aspects of ecommerce, but they could save your operations

Supplier Portals: 5 Tips to Reduce Supplier Payment Friction

⌨   Supplier portals are web interfaces for collecting and displaying information pertinent to supplier payments and information management.

A More Strategic Ecommerce Operation

♚  Streamlined backend operation can dramatically affect ecommerce business models and their ability to make strategic decisions

How to Scale Your Ecommerce Business and Operate Lean

➚ To scale efficiently, ecommerce needs to look at capital efficiency, operational infrastructure, data, and how their businesses utilize headcount.

What Is Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)?

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) is a coordinated practice within a business to engage with third-party service and product providers

Invoice Workflow

Building and Managing Ecommerce Supplier Relationships

The supplier relationship affects the ability for ecommerce companies to maintain product inventory and negotiate favorable terms and pricing.

Bank Transfer API

Choosing the Payment Method for Each Affiliate

For affiliate payments, especially globally, there is a staggering range of combinations that are optimal for each transaction.

Importance of Communicating Affiliate Payment Status

Considerable value is placed on communication with partners about affiliate payment status, which also extends to enabling self-service management

Affiliate Payments – Why They Matter

Affiliate payments, particularly the quality and efficiency of their payment experience, drive affiliate loyalty to or their attrition from that network.

IRS Tax Identification Number (TIN) Validation e-Services Update

If you have an e-services account to perform integrated TIN validation, you also need to validate your identity by re-registering on or after October 24th.

Accounts Payable Appreciation Week 2018

Accounts Payable Appreciation Week starts on October 10th. But you know what would be the most appreciative?

Not All E-Commerce Is Created Equal

One Kings Lane was the darling of e-commerce, but its exit had a negative ROI of $195M or 650%. Why?

Holistic Accounts Payable - Panel Discussion (Video)

Finance and operations professionals discuss how they're addressing Accounts Payable holistically across tax, payments, ERP, and using it to scale and grow

Holistic Accounts Payable - According to Forrester (Video)

Andy Bartels of Forrester provided a keynote the antiquated accounts payable function and what CFOs need to achieve hyper-growth in a global economy.

YouTubers can make a lot of money — getting paid is another story

As many as 15M content creators make some kind of living on multi-channel networks, like PewDiePie to YouTubers hustling to get by.

Paladin Partners With Tipalti for Digital Influencer Payment System

Paladin powers more than 30 multi-channel networks (MCNs) integrated Tipalti into its platform to help clients streamline their payment processes

Tipalti Targets Cross-Border B2B Payments For Media Market

Tipalti announced this week a partnership with Paladin Software, a media technology company to streamline payments in the sector.

Tools for content, payments

Tipalti is uniquely situated to free up finance leaders from supplier payment hassles. The platform provides strategic value to the enterprise.

Paladin Software, Tipalti Link On Video Content Payments

Paladin offers software to manage contracts and payments for multi-channel networks (MCNs)