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Rx for Global Payment Pains

Learn how your global partner payment processes are impeding your ability to grow and succeed.

The History of Software According to Capterra

Take a look at our timeline: are there any big milestones that we didn't include? Where would your company fit into this history?

Know Your Customer (KYC) to Reduce Money Laundering Risks

Strict customer identification and verification policies and procedures can be the most effective weapon against money laundering.

New Funding to Power Tipalti’s Expansion

Tipalti plans to introduce innovations such as the recently unveiled Risk Management Module (RMM) and the automated Supplier Portal, which have helped automate the payables and remittance operations of growing companies all over the world, Amit…

Payments startup Tipalti moves HQ to Palo Alto from Southern California

"Tipalti signaled that it's anticipating rapid growth. For starters, the new Palo Alto office is more than four times larger than its prior headquarters. "

Tipalti moves HQ to Palo Alto

Tipalti also announced that it has appointed Rob Israch as its new Chief Marketing Officer to help lead the future marketing efforts of the company going forward, as it prepares for significant revenue growth.

Tipalti Opens New Headquarters in Palo Alto, CA

Based in downtown Palo Alto, the new headquarters will further increase the appeal of Tipalti among leading talent and places it squarely in the region where many of its current and future clients reside.

15 Fintech Startups To Watch In 2015

Paying hundreds or thousands of payees every week – as online ad networks, affiliate networks and marketplaces do – can be a backend nightmare.

Tipalti Streamlines Mass , Global Payments For Ad Networks, Publishers, Affiliates And More

What makes Tipalti’s offering unique is that is covers all the phases of the pay-out — from payee registration and payment-method selection to funds disbursement — while keeping the payer in full tax and regulatory compliance.

Mass Payments And The Global Marketplace

Managing the “dozens of ACH islands” that exist around the worldwide in order to pay hundreds or even thousands of payments to suppliers is typically time consuming and expensive.

B2B Payment Tech Gets a Bigger Boost from Smaller Merchants

Business-to-business payments are ripe for disruption and there are plenty of startups innovating in the space today. These newcomers, after being thwarted by corporate red tape, are finding a more welcoming audience from small businesses.

Payments Companies Raises $13 Million

Tipalti, a known provider of cloud pay-outs management automation platform, recently raised $13 million in a Series B funding round.

Payments firm Tipalti Solutions raises $13 million

It plans to showcase this week at the ad:tech marketing industry show in New York the new Internet-based payment system for marketers, Cake Payments, which Tipalti developed in a joint venture with Accelerize, a provider of digital marketing…

Tipalti Raises $13 Mn to Boost its Cloud based Payments Platform - Lets Talk Payments

Tipalti’s customers pay tens of thousands of publishers, affiliates, developers, contributors, and other suppliers every month. With a global network supporting the widest range of payment methods, Tipalti’s solution streamlines the international…

New and improved!

Tipalti has launched Supplier Portal, which lets accounts payable departments automate payments to suppliers, vendors and others.

Tipalti and CAKE by Accelerize Advance Partnership With Richer, More Seamless Integration

CAKE and Tipalti's partnership allows CAKE customers to take advantage of Tipalti's automated global mass payment management system to make pay-outs to any partner in their native currencies across a wide range of payment methods

Tipalti attracts $13 mln

Tipalti’s technology also enhances their partners, vendors, and customers’ payments experience by providing greater choice of payment methods and currency while eliminating processing errors.

Tipalti scores $13m in series b funding round

Through our technology, companies can focus on growing their businesses more effectively, rather than on using their valuable resources to handle pay-outs processing, payment issue resolution and government and tax compliance.

Term Sheet -- Thursday, October 23

An Agoura Hills, Calif.-based cloud pay-outs management automation platform, has raised $13 million in Series B funding led by Wicklow Capital.

Agoura Hills Firm Gets $13 Million

The company said it has received prior investments from Wicklow Capital; former Netflix Chief Executive Barry McCarthy; Dan Rose, a Facebook executive; and Dan Rosensweig, chief executive of Chegg.

Funding Daily: Today’s tech funding stories, in one place

Let’s say you’re a global ad network. You pay the publishers in many countries who run the websites where the ads run. But, given all the regulations and currencies, how do you pay them?

Tipalti raises USD 13 mln Series B funding round

Tipalti currently serves approximately 250,000 payees and processes around USD 1 billion annually. Customers include Chartboost, TouchofModern, PulsePoint, Disqus, Matomy, A4D, MUNDOmedia, Perion Codefuel, ClickDealer, Infolinks and Tapjoy.

Tipalti Raises $13M in Series B Funding

The solution serves companies with high volume, high complexity payables operations, such as advertising networks, affiliate networks, monetization, digital goods and services, ISPs, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and marketplaces.

Payment automation solution Tipalti raises $13M

With the rise of the Network Economy, with all of the marketplaces, ad networks, crowd sourcing, affiliate networks and monetization, there is a big problem that needed to be solved.

Tipalti lands $13M to become a bigger international payment platform

Amit told us that the Series B funding, raised in a round led by Wicklow Capital, will be used to boost sales and marketing, get the word out because “we’re in a category by ourselves,” and support further product development.

Tipalti Lassos In $13 Million In Series B Funding

Tipalti’s focus has been on small businesses that don’t have the operational wherewithal to manage all of the payments and legal issues when dealing with contractors and customers across the globe.

Tipalti Mass Payment Platform

E-commerce and Internet companies needing to pay a large number of suppliers, contributors, publishers, contractors, etc. in another country have been using Tipalti.

Automated Supplier Payment System

Seeing the efficiencies gained by using Tipalti for publisher payments, we are now expanding the use of the system to our traditional accounts payable vendor payments.

Tipalti launches automated supplier payment service

The Supplier Portal also collects necessary tax forms (such as W9) from the supplier. The payer also has the option to add suppliers and their preferred payment method on their behalf.

Tipalti launches automated supplier payment system

The Supplier Portal allows the payer to invite its suppliers to a web-dashboard that prompts the suppliers to choose the preferred method by which they will be paid and enter any banking information associated with the selected method.

Tipalti New Supplier Portal Adds Automated B2B Payments

Technology platform provider PulsePoint reportedly has been able to improve its publisher-payment processes using technology from Tipalti, a California-based specialist in automated payout services.

Tipalti Rolls Out New Supplier Payment System

The new Supplier Portal allows companies to automate payments for raw materials, rent, utilities, office supplies, independent contractors, and employees.









How to Build a SaaS with International Appeal

Financial applications need to account for the different currencies used in each country. B2B applications should consider tax and regulatory requirements faced by users in different countries.

25 Hot Israeli Tech Startups

So far, the company has handled more than $1 billion dollars of payments and has raised about $3 million of funding from investors including Oren Zeev, a lead investor in Chegg and Audible.

How to Help Remote Freelancers Make a Living With Your Product

Given the numbers and the promise for growth, remote freelancers are well served by payout companies that can provide services to the large and expanding crowdsourcing networks that employ them.

What to Expect From an On-the-Spot Technical Hiring Test

If startups want to survive in the very competitive tech industry, they must adhere to an efficient system that provides them with the very best talent to allow for mutual growth.

5 Tips for Startups That Make Mass Payments

Managing multiple payments at once, commonly referred to as mass payments, has become a growing challenge due to the increasingly global reach of business and the lightning-fast pace of the online world.

11 Israeli Startups Making it in the U.S.

Tipalti streamlines the payment process from start to finish, saving e-commerce, ad/affiliate network, and other companies as much as 50 percent of the time it would normally take to pay numerous vendors at once.

Tipalti Dramatically Simplifies Worldwide Payment for Mass-Payers

The concept behind Tipalti was born out of the frustrations of one such payer, a global ad network who was overwhelmed and in search of a solution that did not exist.