Kate Wilson

The Top 5 Accounts Payable Automation Myths

It's time to dispel these misconceptions once and for all—here are the top five Accounts Payable automation myths and the three truths behind them.

Rockwell, Bookkeeping, and the Plight of the Modern CPA

A poignant question that captivates finance teams, art history connoisseurs, and psychologists alike—is our accountant hero bored or just daydreaming?

Q&A with Chen Amit: How a Founder Picks a CFO

Chen Amit’s first-person account of bringing on Tipalti CFO, Sarah Spoja, and the specific qualities he was looking for when making this critical hire.

How to Survive a Las Vegas Trade Show

With all the world-class entertainment that Las Vegas has to offer, it's no surprise that your business trip might become full of unproductive distractions.

10 Ways to Celebrate Finance & Accounting Appreciation Week

It's Finance & Accounting Appreciation Week, and Tipalti is celebrating by offering ten ways to recognize the many contributions of financial professionals.


MobileFUSED automated the entire payables workflow, accelerated growth while improving supplier management, and increased fraud controls with Tipalti.

Swing Education

Swing Education cuts monthly close for accounts payable to 30 minutes and future-proofs payment operations for growth and flexibility.


Peek eliminates 110 hours per week spent on payments workload, increases partner satisfaction during onboarding, and improves support team SLAs.

8 Clues to Escaping the Bank Payables Puzzle

Has your company outgrown your bank for global payables? Uncover the eight clues that will help solve this finance mystery.


Skillshare automates invoice processing, increases efficiency with international payments, and integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online.

Top Hat

Top Hat saves 30 hours a week on accounts payable, simplifies global royalty payments, and efficiently integrates with ERP, NetSuite OneWorld.

United Language Group

United Language Group decreased payments processing time, onboarded new linguists without adding headcount, and saved $3,000 monthly on transaction fees.

Foursquare Locates Success with Payments Automation

For Michio McGrath, Finance and Accounting Manager at Foursquare, the company’s success was anything but amazing for their lean finance team.

Zola Will Do Anything for Love (And Payments Automation)

For Shayon Donaldson, the Accounts Payable Manager at Zola, the company’s rapid growth was anything but stress-free for their overworked finance team.

Accounts Payable Poetry Hour

Tipalti’s resident Poet Laureate, Shauna Steib, is back with a piece of prose so powerful that we had to share it with the public.

Tipalti Wins 2019 SuiteApp of the Year Award

Tipalti's Global AP & Supplier Payments Automation ‘Built for NetSuite’ solution was selected as the 2019 SuiteCloud SuiteApp of the Year.

The Currency Management Trends to Watch

To see how companies are mastering FX management, we polled over 100 senior finance leaders at mid-sized companies to learn their biggest pain points.

3 Top Currency Management Secrets from the FX Files

In the webinar, “The FX Files: Secret Treasury Alternatives to Global Bank Accounts,” Ernie Humphrey is uncovering the greatest mysteries of FX.

How One Company Streamlined Payables and Offloaded FX Management

How a leading B2B software company streamlined their payables and offloaded FX management by solving their biggest problem—global payments.

The Rise of Robotic Process Automation

Is the robot uprising truly upon us? And what does it mean for accounting, finance, and compliance for today’s growing businesses?

The Key to FX Mastery

As growing businesses increasingly go global, the role of currency conversion and FX management becomes even more meaningful to the bottom line.

Netflix, Amazon, and the Rise of the Digital Marketplace

It’s a powerful time to be a creator. And, in the new millennium, many media companies are on the verge of being re-defined as digital media marketplaces.

Join Us at the Elevate Finance Summit

It’s Tipalti’s second year taking the Elevate Finance Summit on the road, and we can’t wait for you to see what we’ve got planned.

The Ultimate Guide to SuiteWorld 2019

This April, the industry’s #1 Cloud ERP event is returning to Las Vegas! And Tipalti is ready for it. We can’t wait for three days of networking, gaining actionable insights, and exploring the NetSuite ecosystem.