Tipalti International Payables Without Borders | PYMNTS

Organizations that treat cross-border payments as a simple international remittance miss the point.

Fighting Fraud in the Real-Time Digital Economy | CPA Practice Advisors

Modern businesses with high growth targets are built from the ground up with digital and global operations in mind.

Klaris IP

KlarisIP took over intellectual property rights and royalty payments for National Geographic using Tipalti is the payment processor platform.

Are We Ready For A Workforce That is 50% Freelance? | Forbes

The survey found that 50.9% of the U.S. population will be freelancing in 10 years if a current uptick in freelancing continues at its current pace.

Tipalti Takes Down Fraudsters With New Detect Module | PYMNTS

The San Mateo startup recently announced the addition of a new fraud monitoring module, Tipalti Detect, to help eliminate accounts payable fraud risk.

Digital Payments Expected to Hit 726 Billion by 2020 | CNBC

People around the world are expected to make 726 billion transactions using digital payment technologies by 2020 according to a new study.

Startup Roundup: The Name Of The Game Is Speed | PYMNTS

While all startups are trying to solve different problems, many boil down to the same core issue the old way of doing things is just too slow.

Houzz's $4B Valuation Sets Investor Oren Zeev Apart | Forbes

Houzz’s recent $400 million investment round at a $4 billion valuation came as no surprise among the venture capital community.

independent retailer logo

Hiring Strategies for a Growing E-Commerce Business | Independent Retailer

Hiring for an e-commerce company is no small feat. The success of your business is highly dependent on the collective efforts of your team.

Tipalti Launches New Solution to Monitor Fraud Across Accounts Payable Platforms | Moby Affiliates

Tipalti, has rolled out TipaltiDetect, a new module which is designed to monitor fraud across its accounts payable platform.

Taking the long view: How to leverage people, technology and capital to rapidly scale an e-retail business | Digital Commerce 360

Jonathan Wu shares his experience of successfully scaling Touch of Modern, an online retailer of men’s apparel, home goods and technology products.

Payment Fraud Risk Detection

Tipalti Detect Payment Fraud Mitigation PR

Tipalti Detect has stopped over 7,000 fraud attempts with $4M in est. savings to ad and affiliate networks and online marketplaces ???? Read the Release

How Israeli Expats In Silicon Valley Produce Winning Startups | Inc

Israel's Defense Force breeds world-class entrepreneurs then exports many of the best ones to Silicon Valley where they create global companies.

Easy Early Payments Drive Adoption For Tipalti | PYMNTS

Once Tipalti removed the accounts payable friction & made early payments a one-click no-negotiations process the startup saw the adoption rate climb to 15%.

What Your Clients Need to Know about Cloud Accounting Software | CPA Practice Advisor

What Do Your Clients Need to Know about Cloud Accounting Software? Cloud accounting software is a subscription to competency.

diversity limited logo

Tipalti Drags the Entire Accounts Payable Function Into the Cloud | Diversity Limited

This enables invoices to be fully digitized with no intervention by accounts payable, making invoices approval-ready and ultimately payment-ready.

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Accounting Software Provider Tipalti Launches Touchless Invoice Process | Bank Innovation

“We want to free the CFOs and finance teams from these administrative tasks so they can focus on other aspects of the job.”

Touchless Invoice OCR Processing

Tipalti Introduces Touchless AI-Driven Invoice Management Service

Tipalti's Touchless Invoice Processing Service enables 100% Straight-Thru Processing ???? Read the Release

Tipalti Introduces Touchless Invoice Data Capture| Accounting Today

Tipalti, is introducing touchless invoice data capture and artificial intelligence (AI)-based approval routing technology to its accounts payable platform.

ad exchanger logo

A Brief History Of Video Ad Tech M&A – And The Future Of Pure Plays| Ad Exchanger

Nice profile of pure-play video ad tech and MCN companies that have been acquired in the last year – and those that are still independent.

Tipalti: Helping CFOs Go With The (Cash) Flow| PYMNTS

Tipalti’s vision is to free the finance and payments team from the minutiae and complexity and risk involved in today’s workflow.

the finanser logo

Your CFO is an Algorithm | The Finanser

Interesting take on why CFOs may not want to automate their finance operations.

Ten Questions to Answer While Managing a Platform, Network or Marketplace | Pipes to Platforms

The following represent ten best practices for companies to leverage in mitigating and/or eliminating payments risk exposures

Advertising networks take note: 69% of publishers will drop an ad network over payment issues | Moby Affiliates

Publisher loyalty to advertising networks is determined by the payment experience. 69% said they were ready to drop an ad network due to payment issues.

Paytm dumps 85,000 sellers from its online marketplace to fight fake products | Digital Commerce 360

Interesting. Definitely points at a need for proper onboarding processes of marketplace suppliers.

Tipalti Recognized as 2017 Bay Area Best Places To Work

Bay Area fintech software provider Tipalti is named a Best Place to Work 📰 Read the Release

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Payment Issues Affect Majority of Affiliates and Publishers | Marketing Tech

A survey of 150 publishers and affiliates has found that the majority have faced some form of payment issues with an advertising network.

martech series logo

New Tipalti Study Sheds Light On Main Hurdles Affecting Publishers and Affiliate Marketers | MarTech Series

A new survey of publishers and affiliates shows what highlights the biggest complications faced when receiving commissions from advertising networks.

AdTech Study on Payment Hurdles Affecting Publishers and Affiliate Marketers

Publisher and Affiliate Loyalty to Networks Is Heavily Correlated with Seamless Payment Experiences ???? Read the Findings

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Tools to Help You Manage Your Vendors and Suppliers | ZDNet

According to analyst firm Gartner, there are four organizing principles for effective vendor management.

B2B Payments Surpasses B2C In Profit Potential, Experts Say | PYMNTS

In terms of innovation and profits potential, B2B payments are surpassing those in B2C according to a new report.

U.S. Ad Spend Rises In May, Digital Up 16% | MediaPost

Reversing a slight April decline in U.S. advertising spending, May posted a 7% gain over the same month in 2016.

Tipalti Adds Major Innovations to Future-Proof Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable now has a frictionless way to enable early supplier payments across global subsidiaries from a central hub

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Houzz will be valued at around $4 billion in a new funding round led by Iconiq Capital | recode

Houzz, used by homeowners to plan renovations, is finalizing a new funding round of $400 million that will value the startup at around $4 billion

As 'gig' companies consolidate, Tipalti sees a way to untangle their tech | Payments Source

Companies that already have complex webs of payments, billing cycles and workflows will need a way to merge their systems.

Tipalti Adds Features to Platform, Creates Accounts Payable ‘Hub’ | WWD

The launch comes as marketplace companies increase sourcing globally, from a larger number of suppliers.

Tipalti debuts new AP capabilities | Accounting Today

Payments automation software provider Tipalti has released a new series of AP capabilities.

fei daily logo

Future-Proofing Accounts Payable: A Q&A With Tipalti’s Chen Amit | Financial Executives Daily

CFOs should look for technologies that address their AP process holistically, automating each of the core workflows.

Tipalti Recognized As “Game Changer” By Institute Of Finance & Management for Accounts Payable

The award was announced during the AP & P2P Conference & Expo, the largest, most comprehensive event dedicated to Accounts Payable


As payments started to mount for GoDaddy's domain-name auctions and overall global growth, it became clear that applying technology to its accounts payable process would be a better solution than adding more staff.

Difference between ACH and wire

New San Francisco Event to Prepare Forward-Thinking CFOs for Sea Change Coming to Finance

PwC and Fintech Experts Lead Networking and Strategy Exchange on Financial Operations

A Top Banker Explains Why He Left Wells Fargo to Join a Tech Company | Business Insider

Banker explains why he left Wells Fargo to join a fintech company

Tipalti Enhances NetSuite Integration By Launching Touchless Invoices Processing | Crowdfund Insider

Tipalti announced on Wednesday it is enhancing its NetSuite integration by launching a touchless invoices process.

What Are Online Marketplaces And What Is Their Future? | Forbes

In almost every type of e-commerce today, there is one thing making everyone move faster and more efficient. Can you guess what it is?

Tipalti Delivers Touchless Invoicing to NetSuite | Enterprise Times

Tipalti has announced the latest update of its supplier payments automation platform.

Tipalti Enhances NetSuite Integration with Touchless Invoice Processing

Fintech Innovator Tipalti and Cloud ERP Leader Combine to Streamline their Clients’ Entire Accounts Payable Workflow

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Indian Banks To Soon Freeze Accounts For FATCA Non-Compliance | Tax-News

The Indian Ministry of Finance may freeze affected accounts until such time as the appropriate FACTA checks have taken place.

How Global Suppliers Can Turn A Company Into A Criminal | PYMNTS

Findings from Tipalti and with research conducted by PayStream Advisors, finds that a majority of companies today are conducting cross-border payments.

sf business times logo

Here are the winners for this year's Best Places to Work | Biz Journals

Tipalti Named one of the Best Places to Work in the Bay Area for 2017 by the San Francisco Business Times.