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Freelancers Are the Network Economy's Supply Chain 1

Freelancers Are the Network Economy's Supply Chain

With network economy freelancers, businesses can find the right person for their assignments from a pool of people that stretches to the globe.

How Should Advertising Networks Pay Their Publishers?

Advertising networks sell their inventory through various types of networks. To learn more, read our infographic on our blog, brought to you by Tipalti.

Getting Suppliers to Switch Over to E-payments

To learn about how e-payments can help with ease and speed of payment with your business, read the following infographic on our blog at Tipalti.

Proactive Communications with Affiliates – Reducing Your Customer Support and Accounts Payable Workload

However, as an innovator and leading mass payment provider, our team here at Tipalti has made advancements with our applications to the point of which we are able to facilitate the majority of these duties on an automated level.

Protecting Your Business from Fraudulent Affiliates

The key to reducing fraudulent affiliates is to incorporate an enterprise-class Risk Management Module that has a built-in system for detecting fraudulent affiliates, such as the one offered by our team here at Tipalti.

Mass Payout Platforms Streamline the Payment Process

Automated systems are simply better than manual methods when it comes to mass payments.

Making Payments in Local Currency Helps Affiliates Run Their Business More Efficiently

Many affiliates who receive payouts via affiliate payments (whether international ACH, wire transfer, etc.) have been known to claim that it can become more of a burden than it is worth, when they have to take on such fees.

Global Payment Methods: An Important Foundation for Affiliates 2

Global Payment Methods: An Important Foundation for Affiliates

While one country may allow for an affiliate to receive wire transfer, another may only allow for affiliates to receive payment via check. Now, consider how many countries there are in the world where affiliate networks may have to make payments.

Paying International Suppliers – What You Need To Know

There are many things to consider when paying international suppliers. In every country, the local banking regulations require certain pieces of information to be included when making a payment via wire transfer or any other electronic method for…

Happy Affiliates Are Paid Affiliates

Due to the fact that many online merchants depend on their affiliate network to bring in the traffic, it only makes sense that merchants need to keep their affiliate networks happy.

Reconciling Multiple Payment Accounts – How Do Accounts Payable Departments Cope?

It gets very difficult for companies to manage multiple payment accounts when dealing with hundreds, or even thousands of payees. This is very common in affiliate, app monetization, advertising, and crowdsourcing networks, as well as in online…

Managing Multiple Payment methods: Challenges Facing Mass Payers

It’s extremely difficult for affiliate networks and publisher networks to manage their mass payment obligations. Why is this? Well, imagine having to pay multiple people or organizations all at the same time, and how difficult of a task that is.

Common Fraud Techniques Used in Affiliate and Advertisement Networks

Let’s take a look at a few common forms of fraud affecting both affiliate and advertisement networks today.

Fraudulent Publishers and Affiliates Causing Networks to Lose Money

Click fraud occurs when someone exploits banner ads or paid text links by clicking on them in order to drive up the amount of payable clicks. This in turn hurts the advertisers’ budgets since they are the ones paying for the real estate of the site…

How HTML5 Helps Developers

HTML4 was standardized in 1997. Let’s face it; the Internet has evolved, since then, becoming an important aspect of social and business lives.

App Monetization Competition

This means is order to increase your app monetization you need to be successful in reaching and holding onto people. More and more, apps are downloaded based on ads from social media, friend’s recommendations, and search engines.

Flappy Bird

Dong Nguyen, the creator, managed to be raking in a whopping $50,000 a day from in app advertisements, or app monetization, a successful mobile sub category of advertising networks. Nguyen was reaping $50,000 a day simply from consumers clicking the…

Affiliate Payments: Increase Your Profit

There are those who use affiliate programs as one method to push traffic to their website. Then, there are those who rely on it. This second group of people sends more affiliate payments monthly, but also receives higher levels of traffic and…

A Developer’s Battle

Working as a developer is a ballsy move in a competitive market. Lately, it seems especially hard for experienced developers who are laid-off, to be replaced by their cheaper and younger counterparts. If you are really hoping to bring it in big with…

App Monetization: Angry Birds

There is no question Angry Birds is well known and downright addicting. It is because of this, the app grossed more than 500 million dollars. In its first week, Angry Birds became one of the most bought and viewed apps on Apple.

Attract New Customers

Attract new clients. Whether referrals or new clients choose Global ACH or mass payment, having multiple options available ensures satisfaction.

Global ACH Terms

When you deal with Global ACH payments, different terms arise on your statements. There may be names tossed around in discussions, as well.

Don’t Be Defined by the Default

Deciding to use an easy method to handle publisher payments is the first step in gaining efficiency.

Amazon Simplifies App Monetization

Earlier this month, Amazon announced changes to make app monetization simpler for developers. While Amazon is not yet matching the usage levels of Google, Android and Apple, it is showing significant promise. In order to encourage developers to use…

Publisher Payments for Advertising Industry

Those in the advertising industry work with hundreds of publishers within a single month. The payroll department may struggle to maintain accurate records and on time payments, with so many people to take care of.

Mass Payments Made Easy: 3 Ways Mass Payments Save Time

Mass payments refers to the process of making a large volume of payouts to multiple payees. Learn how mass payments can save time and money.

Google Changed App Monetization

Android and iPhone have always been in the top, among app users. There have never, though, been any regulations for the types of ads that allowed app monetization.

App Monetization Statistics

Whether you want to make a developer payment, or act as an affiliate, there is still time to find your own successful method. If you follow the trends of the statistics, a free app with in-app purchases gives you the highest potential for…

Safety with Global ACH Payments

Global ACH payments are currently utilized, now, more than ever before. This has increased the need for trusted and secure sources, as the number scammers have also risen. There are now more effective and efficient methods to ensure your mass…

Affiliate Program & App Monetization

While many associate affiliate programs with retail websites, these are also beneficial toward app monetization.

How Payees Select Payment Method

iFrame allows for easy integration to your website, as well as efficiency when payees decide how to receive their money. There are a variety of options that can be available, such as PayPal, Global ACH, and wire transfers. Using provided…

Social Marketplace and Payment Aggregator Benefits

When you are running a program through the social marketplace, it may seem you should handle your own payments. Self-publisher payouts though may find themselves stuck in contracts, fee structures, and other roadblocks making the job difficult.

Track Your Campaign through the Cloud

The development of the Cloud has offered business owners a plethora of benefits: more storage space, easy back up, and accessibility. It also ensures that your campaign and payments are easily tracked.

Types of Affiliate Payments

Some people use affiliate payments as a way to profit; however, it is really a tool that can help business growth. Users can write content and then link it to your products so their readers are directly sent to your webpage.

How Compliance Is Offered through iFrame Payments

When you add iFrame integration to your company’s website, you are doing more than streamlining mass payment options. It also ensures that your clients are in compliance with federal laws through tax information and the scanning of records.

Two Inventive App Monetization Tools

There are new trends that can be used for app monetization. These tools do not offer immediate profit, but give you data you need to improve customer satisfaction and keep users on the app longer.

Let Your Developers Self-Serve

If you are dealing with app monetization, you probably have a large number of developers on your payroll. Whether it is a start-up with new ideas constantly bouncing around, or an established app needing exciting changes, the developer is an…

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