Here's Why Everyone Loves Tipalti

Because of its uniquely holistic approach to accounts payable and supplier payments, Tipalti offers many benefits across the entire organization beyond the accounts payable team.

CFOs and Controllers

Skip the minutiae of manual, error-prone accounts payable efforts and establish a world-class, best-practice organization positioned to take on greater potential.

Reduce up to 80% of your accounts payable payments workload. With Tipalti, you have one system to streamline your invoice workflow and the entire mass payment process across the world. At the same time, you employ instant best practices with Tipalti’s uniquely holistic approach to AP.

Bulletproof your tax and regulatory compliance by using Tipalti to capture and validate all payees complete W9 and W8 forms and to prepare your 1099 and 1042-S tax submission reports. With Tipalti’s cloud infrastructure, any tax or regulatory change across the world is instantly updated in your system. Prior to making payments, every payee is scanned against US and international blacklists to avoid potential government penalties from sending money to suspected terrorists, money launderers, and drug traffickers. With total, automated controls in place, we can’t say you’re audit-proof, but we can put your company in the best position to respond to audits.

Reduce transaction costs by eliminating 95% of rejected payment transactions and withholding payments to payees who are without valid tax forms, who are from black-listed entities, or who have been identified as potential fraudsters. Reduce the cost and number of returned checks due to poor address data by offering ACH and other payment methods.

Gain better payments visibility with automated, detailed payment reconciliation. Tipalti provides you unprecedented insight into when each payment is sent, when a check is cashed, and why a payment is rejected. Detailed transaction and reconciliation reports are integrated with your ERP system to provide the finance team with a consolidated, real-time view of all payout accounts. Tipalti’s cloud infrastructure makes all reports available at anytime, from anywhere.

Accounts Payable

Move away from the manual labor around invoices and hunting down suppliers for their details. Get away from the barrage of payment inquiries.

Leave the boring work to us. Tipalti eliminates the convoluted efforts around onboarding, invoice management, and setting up payments leaving you time to focus on value-added, strategic initiatives.

Offer your payees the widest range of payment methods, with global coverage and local currency support in almost any country. You pay everyone the same way without worrying about method management.

Handle all payee communications efficiently. Tipalti automatically informs payees of payments made, transaction details, rejected payments, their cause and necessary remediation steps, and prompts payees to complete missing tax forms. The payer always has complete visibility into all communications and the latest payment status.

Pay suppliers in a more timely fashion with more accuracy. Tipalti’s automated system eliminates payment issues by ensuring all required bank information by country and payment method is collected while removing delays caused by manual payment processing activities. Payees can even choose to be paid earlier than standard payment terms.

Operations and Process Improvers

Efficiency and scalability are uniquely intertwined. Bring the organization to a new level with technology and solutions that enable efficient payments in a scalable model.

A more seamless link between discrete functions. Tipalti brings a holistic approach to what was once a series of systems. The only system capable of delivering on supplier onboarding and self-service, invoice management, and payment remittance handles it all.

Simplify compliance. Security and compliance are an afterthought for many in AP. They’re just trying to get the work done. Tipalti handles a range of compliance to reduce audit risk and drive best-practice approaches to tax, anti-moneylaundering, and IT controls.

Adopting the cloud now means securing improvements forever. Rather than building and maintaining your own supplier payment platform, Tipalti offers the managed benefits of a robust, secure SaaS platform. New features and capabilities are delivered all the time increasing the lifetime value of the solution.

IT Organizations

Extending the value of your ERP without adding more maintenance work or system complexity

Integrating Tipalti into your website is simple, requiring a simple code snippet or a supplier portal URL. The portal is easily customized to match the look and feel of your company’s branding and experience.

Tipalti’s enterprise-grade cloud platform meets the highest level of security standards with extended user roles, approval workflow, signatory rights, and data protection. Tipalti’s systems have acheived SSAE16 SOC audit certification. AES encryption and white-listing ensure payer and payee information is maintained to the highest industry security levels. With discrete signatory rights and role-based access, every element of Tipalti is secure.

Real-time or controlled integration points. Extend the value of your ERP investment with integration around supplier data, invoice details and payment reconciliation. No need to custom code interfaces with bank APIs or high-maintenance custom middleware.

Suppliers and Partners

Suppliers care about getting paid, knowing when they're going to get paid, and how they get paid. Only Tipalti offers the control and reliability they desire.

Control your destiny. Suppliers have access to a guided self-service portal that enables them to choose their own payment method as well as view any issues related to payment. This reduces calls into AP but also gives suppliers the feeling of control.

Reliable payments made quickly. Tipalti executes payments across the globe through various methods. No other system has the breadth to be able to make efficient, cost-effective remittance.

Easy as pie. Suppliers can upload invoices or send them directly to the company’s AP email account to start the payment workflow. Anything that goes wrong during the process triggers an immediate notification to the supplier and ways to fix the problem.

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