Monetization network demonstrates the importance of communicating with publishers about payment options and processes

Ad, affiliate, and monetization networks have to work with thousands of publishers, affiliates, and developers, and often times, it can be challenging to get the message out about payments. Most payees are used to having a PayPal account, but for more sophisticated networks, the importance of offering their partners more options distinguishes them from all the other networks out there.

Communicate with Payees

Chartboost (a Tipalti customer), with Tier-1 publishers like Bandai Namco, King, and EA Games, does an excellent job of providing a step-by-step guide for publishers to manage their own accounts, while also demonstrating the unique value of choice their publishers receive in working with them.

In a single page that every network should model, Chartboost partners learn what to expect in one of the most important aspects of working with any network – the payment process. The guide provides information on payment terms, requirements for contact and tax information, associated fees, and other configurable options. It also provides a wealth of screenshots to illustrate how publishers can change their payment options.

Explain Options and Implications

For example, Chartboost offers payment thresholds to their publishers, which is one more benefit their publishers gain in working with them. Companies that manually execute payments rarely offer payment thresholds because it’s a big headache. An accounts payable team manually executing payments would essentially have to stagger payments in their network leading to greater risk of errors and added cost to the operational process.


Chartboost also does a great job explaining how publishers could reduce their fees based on varying their thresholds or changing their payment methods (e.g. ACH, PayPal, wire transfer, or paper check). This allows publishers and affiliates to choose the option that suits them best.

Larger publishers might opt for more frequent payments with a faster, but more expensive service because it can improve their cash flow situation. Smaller publishers might opt to wait to reach a certain threshold and accept payments via ACH, even if it means delaying a few days for the amount to deposit.

The community managers at Chartboost also do well in pointing out key tradeoffs between varying payment methods. For example, PayPal’s $10,000 payment limit can be addressed by either splitting up payments or opting for a different method.

Keep Smiling

Lastly, Chartboost uses friendly language to continue to build rapport with their publishers. For example, while they indicate they pay on Net 45 terms, they also state that: “We do our best to process your payment net 30 days. It’s your money, and you earned it!”

It’s a simple task to explain to your network the payment process, but for a publisher or affiliate, proper communication and expectation-setting makes a big difference to reducing issues later.