How an ad network scales while streamlining publisher payments, enhancing publisher relationships and gaining unprecedented growth

While an ad network is a common ad tech business model, partner execution and network quality are vital. That said, not all networks are created equal.

With, publishers earn revenue by featuring high quality sponsored content relevant to their audience. As a direct response network serving more than 25 billion content recommendations a month, the more people clicking on content, the more publishers make. And the more high quality publishers the network has happily working with them, the more likely that advertisers will choose over other content ad platforms.

What did gain from working with Tipalti?

  • Achieved significant PayPal and check processing productivity
  • Reduced two days a month of work to one-fifth the time
  • Added wire transfer, ACH and International ACH payment method options
  • Added threshold payments for high and low volume publishers
  • Enhanced fraud protection by implementing multi-factor authentication

The Challenge

Paypal ACH transferPayments were in the form of manual checks or PayPal and took three people to process. That was before they turned their focus on scaling the business. At the same time, publishers were asking for greater payments choice and even more attention.

Says Jeff Magliola, VP of Operations: “We were either going to hire several more people to manage publisher payments or we would have to find a better way.”

The Solution

Through Tipalti, currently allows their publishers to choose ACH, paper check, eCheck (international ACH), PayPal, and wire transfer. Publishers also have the option to choose to hold their payments until a certain threshold to minimize fees. To date, about one‐third of’s publishers are using the new payment options.

“Tipalti has significantly increased our productivity,” says Magliola. “Paying publishers would take a week just to initiate and track payments, as well as send checks or PayPal. And we’d spend two days a month investigating and resolving payment issues. Now we’re able to do all this in one‐fifth the time.”

“Tipalti is always on top of what their customers need in both service and technology,” remarks Magliola. “They’re a high touch service and always consider the issues we’re having around our processes and strategy beyond what’s currently in their product. And our publishers get what they want, which is more flexible payment options and a strengthened relationship with”