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Have you ever been traveling and had to find someone to take your photo in front of a landmark?

Flytographer manages a network of professional photographers around the world to help record your most memorable and extraordinary moments. That split second when you got engaged atop an Irish castle, that summer vacation when you and the family were all buried in the sand as the sun was setting, that emotional trip with you and your grandmother to visited her homeland. These are memories we live for.

While your phone is probably an incredible camera, a selfie is not the same as being the subject that’s properly documented by a professional with a well-stocked DSLR. Flytographer’s photogs are qualified experts who can get the lighting and focus just right to properly journal and capture those small, unique moments.

Nicole Smith was travelling to Paris with her friend and realized how inadequate their selfies were in recording their days in the most beautiful city in the world. A third person would be much more adept at taking pictures that encompass the essence of the trip. That simple inspiration led to testing the concept. She auditioned photogs off Craigslist and worked out the kinks for a year – all while still working her fulltime job at Microsoft and being a parent to two small kids. Flytographer was born and has grown. The company was recently named the #16 fastest growing startup and the #1 fastest consumer services startup in Canada by Canada Business.

Today, Flytographers are in 200 cities all over the world and customers can easily book them for their trips. Because Flytographers are locals, they often can act as impromptu tour guides showing customers unique places to experience and capture. They also have started forming their own local photo communities where they can collaborate and share ideas.

If you’ve got a trip or moment coming soon, definitely consider an investment in your memory bank.

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