Ad Networks Scale Publisher Payments with Tipalti

Easily On-Board Publishers • Execute Global Payments • Streamline Communications

How Ad Networks Make Payments with Tipalti 1
How Ad Networks Make Payments with Tipalti 2
How Ad Networks Make Payments with Tipalti 3
How Ad Networks Make Payments with Tipalti 4
How Ad Networks Make Payments with Tipalti 5

Eliminate 80% of the time and cost spent managing hundreds or thousands of cross-border publisher payments

Automate the entire process for paying publishers.

  • Streamline publisher on-boarding
  • Collect and validate W-9, W-8, and VAT tax forms
  • Easily pay publishers anywhere in the world
  • Pay publishers in their currency and desired method
  • Give publishers the option to get paid early
  • Dramatically reduce payment errors
  • Provide automatic payment status to publishers
  • Automate OFAC and international “Do Not Pay” compliance
  • Integrate with analytics like HitPath, CAKE, and Linktrust
  • Reconcile payments, integrate with ERP in real-time

Reduce payment processing and management friction and improve publisher satisfaction

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    "Paying publishers would take a week just to initiate and track payments, as well as send checks or PayPal. Now we’re able to do all this in one‐fifth the time."
    Jeff Magliola, VP of Operations

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    "Workload has decreased by over 50% while offering many new payment methods to our publishers. Tipalti has significantly increased publisher satisfaction and loyalty to our brand."
    Richmond Ang, Assistant Controller

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    "Our payment process to our publishers used to take approximately ten hours for each pay period. It now takes approximately two hours."
    Leah Rogerson, CFO

Why Ad Networks rely on Tipalti for Global Publisher Payments

Accelerate Network Growth

Scale to take advantage of global publishers and reduce operational friction around paying and communicating with them. Grow and extend the value of your ad network.

Eliminate Manual Processes

Manual effort can lead to publisher payment errors. Wipe out 80% of the payment workload with publisher self-service, automated communications, and unified banking interface.

Improve Ad Network Quality

Offer the best and most flexible payment options and ensure error-free payments to attract and retain the best publishers to improve your ad network quality.

Effortless Tax Compliance

Don’t wait until year-end to hunt down publishers for their tax forms. Collect W-9, W-8 series, or VAT ID forms and produce submission-ready 1099 and 1042-S reports.

Differentiate with Early Payments

Extend early payment offers to publishers, giving them choice of when they're paid, without any capital requirements from you.

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How Tipalti Automates Publisher Payment Processes

How Ad Networks Make Payments with Tipalti 6

Tipalti removes the manual effort and complexity that’s required to pay publishers. Tipalti integrates with your ERP, performance data, or accepts a payment instruction file, then takes care of securing approvals, making sure funds exist, and paying in the supplier’s chosen payment method (e.g. ACH, wire transfer, PayPal, etc.). No more logging into individual banking portals or reconciling payments from across multiple accounts.

Tipalti takes care of communicating with publishers, sending out automated emails regarding payment status or allowing them to update their payment information. They’re also asked in the very beginning to submit their W-9, W-8, or VAT tax information through a guided interface eliminating an unnecessary hassle later. Tipalti streamlines the payment reconciliation process for a faster financial close. A single person can do all this in just minutes a day.

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