Online Marketplaces Scale Global Payments with Tipalti

Easily On-Board Partners • Execute Global Payments • Streamline Communications

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How Online Marketplaces Make Payments with Tipalti 2
How Online Marketplaces Make Payments with Tipalti 3
Seeking Alpha
How Online Marketplaces Make Payments with Tipalti 4
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Eliminate 80% of the time spent managing hundreds or thousands of cross-border partner and sub-merchant payments

Automate the entire process for paying partners.

  • Streamline on-boarding
  • Collect W-9, W-8, and VAT tax forms
  • Dramatically reduce payment errors and fraud
  • Pay global partners in their currency and desired payment method
  • Provide automatic payment status to partners
  • Reconcile payments, integrate with ERP in real-time
  • Automate OFAC and international “Do Not Pay” compliance

Eliminate payment processing friction while improving partner satisfaction and reducing churn.

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    Seeking Alpha

    "We were spending seven days a month paying our contributors around the world. Now we only spend one day making those global payments."
    Persha Valman, CFO

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    Touch of Modern

    "Prior to using Tipalti, it typically took up to a week to upload invoices and pay vendors; now this process is automated, is completed instantaneously, while allowing our suppliers to be paid in a much more timely fashion.”
    Jonathan Wu, COO

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    "Getting setup was a smooth experience, our freelancers appreciate the choice of payment and currency options Tipalti provides, and we no longer have to worry about partner payment headaches."
    Elina Ayzenberg, Co-Founder

Why Online Marketplaces rely on Tipalti for Global Partner Payments

Accelerate Network Growth

Take advantage of global partners and reduce operational friction around payments and communicating with partners. Grow your business by leveraging providers from all over the world.

Eliminate Manual Processes

Manual effort can lead to partner payment errors. Wipe out 80% of the payment workload with self-service, automated communications, and unified banking interface.

Improve Partner Relationships

Offer the most flexible payment options to attract and retain the best partners to improve your service quality, while reducing the risk of paying fraudsters.

Effortless Tax Compliance

Don’t wait until year-end to hunt down partners for their tax forms. Collect W-9, W-8 series, or VAT ID forms and produce submission-ready 1099 and 1042-S reports.

Tipalti Automates Partner Payment Processes

How Online Marketplaces Make Payments with Tipalti 6

Tipalti removes the manual effort and complexity that’s required to pay partners. Tipalti integrates with your ERP, performance data, or accepts a payment instruction file, then takes care of securing approvals, making sure funds exist, and paying in the supplier’s chosen payment method (e.g. ACH, wire transfer, PayPal, etc.). No more logging into individual banking portals or reconciling payments from across multiple accounts.

Tipalti takes care of communicating with partners, sending out automated emails regarding payment status or allowing them to update their payment information from a branded portal. Online marketplace partners are also asked in the very beginning to submit their W-9, W-8, or VAT tax information through a guided interface eliminating an unnecessary hassle later. Tipalti streamlines the payment reconciliation process for a faster financial close. A single person can do all this in just minutes a day.

Experience the World’s Most Powerful Partner Payments Automation System

What Is an Online Marketplace?

It’s called crowdsourcing, the sharing economy and the gig economy, but the umbrella term for all these different multi-sided business models is “Online Marketplaces.” Today, they are the new lifeblood of the internet, offering a multitude of services at affordable prices.

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