Tipalti’s the best-reviewed payables automation platform for growing businesses. Our customer base is excited and vocal about how we’ve transformed their finance operations.

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Tony Gilharry
Partner Operations Manager

“Tipalti saved us from having to hire a whole new team and accelerated our Agency Partner Program launch by a year.”

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Phil Newell
Director, Finance & Accounting IT

“The ROI of Tipalti really is not having AP involved in outbound partner payments. That's huge. We've outsourced our AP function into a shared-services organization. So, the ability to hand it all off to Tipalti obviously is a huge labor cost savings, and a much more efficient process.”

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Jonathan Wu

“Prior to using Tipalti, it typically took up to a week to upload invoices and pay vendors; now this process is automated, is completed instantaneously, while allowing our suppliers to be paid in a much more timely fashion.”

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Sasha Dobrolioubov
Business Development

“We were spending 2.5 days each month on payments and onboarding work, which is now automated. We’re back to doing more business development, which is our goal.”

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Ed Klaris

“In a world where you’ve got thousands of small vendors, you want an efficient way to get people onboard and paid. We turned what was a 100-day turnaround to get people paid to a two-week turnaround.”.”

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Nicole Smith

“We can make hundreds of payments every week in five minutes, which enables our controller to do more high-value work.”

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John Pfeister
Head of Finance

“Every single part of our process, from onboarding filmmakers and their tax information, to tax compliance and paying filmmakers, we want scale every single part of it. Implementing Tipalti was the answer, it was a win-win-win for us.”

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Mike Williams
Co-Founder and President

“Since we’ve begun to use Tipalti, our financial payments operations have thrived. Because our bookkeeper no longer needs to focus a majority of her time with payments, she now spends more time on more complex tasks, which alleviates the amount of work our CFO needs to do. Tipalti has benefited multiple layers of the organization.”

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Rob Lenderman

“Using Tipalti has saved us a tremendous amount of time and money by streamlining a vital piece of our operations. Our writers love it because they get paid faster, in their preferred method and currency, and receive a higher net rate thanks to Tipalti’s lower fees.”

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Lee Lipman

“Tipalti offers a scalable platform that provides our publishing partners the freedom to choose their desired payment methods, as well as guaranteed commission payouts on time and in any currency. We are so pleased to have Tipalti fully integrated across our worldwide operations, offering best in class service to our global partners.”

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Keren Ofek
VP of Finance

“Tipalti takes care of StartApp’s entire cycle of payments to developers, including sending out 1099 forms at the end of the year. And from implementation through today, Tipalti’s customer support has proven to be fast, friendly and highly capable.”

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Eric Baer
VP Product & Technology

“Our researcher community really appreciates the reduction in paperwork and increase in payment methods. Internally, we’re extremely happy with Tipalti’s service because it has significantly streamlined the payment process, and it has made us much more scalable.”

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Michal Weiner
VP Finance

“All we need to do is upload a single, simple, payment file to their servers. The hassle is gone. We now have a comprehensive solution which includes publisher registration, payment methods selection and handling of international payees.”

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Yariv Davidovich

“By implementing Tipalti's solution we were able to completely automate the collection of W-8/W-9 forms from 100 percent of our publishers, with no time invested by us. We also achieved complete compliance with OFAC regulations.”

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David Markowitz
CFO / Co-founder

“The system offers us a smooth, extremely cost-effective method to serve our thousands of publishers. The Tipalti solution is flexible, secure and fully-integrated into our payment system and allows us to pay our publishers automatically and on-time.”

Lior Shtark Lior Shtark
Chief Revenue Officer

“ Tipalti is phenomenal in being able to support the complex affiliate onboarding and payment needs of our growing network. We're able to scale our business faster and attract more quality performance marketing partners who are expecting greater payment choice and service.”

Kevin Finlay

“Using Tipalti has reduced our man-hours (and costs) considerably. We send weekly and monthly payments in the thousands and I'd hate to go back to doing this ourselves. Excellent customer support - I'd rank it among the best. You can actually call them!”

Eran Ben-Shushan

“By automating the partner payments process, we’re able to focus our resources on scaling and growing our company, while executing payments globally without hiring additional staff or having to maintain complex, custom built middleware.”

Dmitry Atamanyuk

“Integrating Tipalti has definitely streamlined our entire affiliate pay-outs process. We have been able to significantly automate our pay-outs workload while providing our partners with a better experience and higher transparency of the whole payment process.”

Jim Waggoner
VP of Finance

“By turning to Tipalti we have been able to scale our global payment processes rapidly without growing our Accounts Payable team.”

Jason Chen
VP of Finance and Operations

“We selected Tipalti because they were the only solution on the market with the vision of a truly end-to-end platform to automate the entire accounts payable operation. It is the most modern and intuitive solution I have seen and will help our financial operation gain even more efficiencies while eliminating costs.”

Michio McGrath
Finance and Accounting Manager

“It's a big improvement from how we used to pay vendors, and the timeliness of payments leads to better relationships.”

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Hunter Paletsas

“From sign-up to implementation, we went live in four weeks, which was incredibly fast. It’s been smooth sailing since, and our clients love it.”

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Eran Weizel
VP Finance

“We’ve experienced extraordinarily rapid growth over the last few years, and Tipalti’s payment automation solution has helped ensure we could keep up with that growth and scale efficiently.”

Anna McDonough

“I started using Tipalti as a payment solution for my business when manually paying vendors was becoming too difficult and time consuming. After the initial set up, payments are easy and fast to make and there is less room for user error since everything is based on vendor ID numbers.”

Wendy Welfelt
Director of Finance and Accounting

"Tipalti takes all of the data entry off my plate."

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Greg Kampanis
SVP Operations and Business Development

“The sheer amount of data we have to deal with to pay out this amount of money to all our partners every month is massive. Tipalti really helps us; we don't even really think about it, it just happens.”

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Sara King Brar
Accounting Manager

'Tipalti has made it so much more efficient for our partners to get paid every day.'

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Leah Rogerson

“The reduction in time and paperwork, combined with the reduced chance for errors has greatly improved our publisher payment processes. Our payment process to our publishers used to take approximately ten hours for each pay period. It now takes approximately two hours.”

Elina Ayzenberg
Co-Founder, Remote.com

“We wanted one system to pay our domestic and our international freelancers. Getting setup was a smooth experience, our freelancers appreciate the choice of payment and currency options Tipalti provides, and we no longer have to worry about partner payment headaches.”

Persha Valman

“Before bringing on Tipalti’s payments automation technology, we were spending seven days a month paying our contributors around the world. Now we only spend one day making those global payments.”

Leslie Pesante
Head of Finance

“We used to spend three hours a week making payments. Now, it’s down to minutes.”

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Steven Gross
VP of Financial Operations & Strategy

“We have a very complicated payout setup that used to take up to 5 days per month to complete. After integrating with Tipalti we've been able to reduce that to 1 day a month and significantly increase the accuracy and timeliness of payouts. The functionality provided relative to the cost is a steal.”

Melanie Reeves
Director of Finance

'Payment day takes 5 minutes.'

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Richmond Ang
Assistant Controller

“Workload has decreased by over 50% while offering many new payment methods to our publishers. Tipalti has elevated our mass-payout process to highest industry standards while significantly increasing publisher satisfaction and loyalty to our brand.”

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Nicholas Corradino
Senior Financial Analyst—Revenue Operations

“It's about leveling up the finance team from being the people that code invoices and pay people, to actually being real drivers of business success and topline growth.”

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Toni Tornell

“We used to issue wires, ACHs, and paper checks and pay all the transaction fees. Now Tipalti is taking care of all of this with much lower cost options for us.”

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Matt Cooper

“Reputation is central to our business success. Tipalti streamlines the entire freelancer payment process and enables us to scale our business. And it does so in a seamless fashion that enhances our brand.”

Shayon Donaldson
Accounts Payable Manager

“Our staff doesn’t have to spend all day living in Tipalti. We can better allocate our time supporting the business as opposed to entering and coding invoices.”

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Andrea Winer Andrea Winer
Senior Manager

“Integrating Tipalti with NetSuite has further streamlined our back office operations, helping us achieve real-time payment reconciliation, and automating our payment processes to our instructors. Tipalti and NetSuite together have set Zumba up nicely to efficiently keep up with the rapidly increasing demand for our fitness services.”