The Tipalti December 2016 release is now live, which includes enhancements designed to simplify routine tasks to make the product even easier to use. See below for a list of upgrades and reach out to us at with any additional questions or feedback. Enjoy the new release!

Payee iframe Upgrade

Support for iframe “Keep in Edit Mode”

Prior to the release, all fields in the iframe were in view only mode after a payee initially submitted their information, and to make changes, the edit button had to be clicked. Now, payors can configure the iframe to always remain in edit mode and not switch to view mode when the payee moves between the iframe steps.

Taxation Upgrade

Additional withholding calculations

The Tax module now supports additional withholding as well as the existing federal withholding calculation. This can be used by payors who want to support additional withholding modules, such as state withholding and non-US payers. The additional withholding is added to the federal withholding. If both additional and federal withholding are applicable, the total withholding will be the sum of the federal and additional withholding.

Tipalti Bills Upgrade

Support for mass bill approval from the payer dashboard

Previously, users could only approve one bill at a time directly from the approval request email. Although approving bills by email is ideal for low approval volumes, a higher volume of bills requires the ability to view and approve bills in batches. The payor dashboard now allows the approver to quickly access their bills to approve single bills or batches of bills.