Working as a developer is a ballsy move in a competitive market. Lately, it seems especially hard for experienced developers who are laid-off, to be replaced by their cheaper and younger counterparts. If you are really hoping to bring it in big with developer payments, there are a few steps to take to give you better job security. These include items such as:

Play the Age to Your Advantage: If you are really interested in programming, stay current in all languages and programs. This keeps you up-to-date so you do not become obsolete in constantly changing technology. Then, use your age and experience to your advantage. You may earn less, but start-ups want someone with years of experience. This person is dedicated and driven to succeed by the financial duty that comes with buying a house, having a family, or other life goals. He also has the knowledge necessary to make a program work, and ideas to get up and running.

Continue Moving Upward: When you are first hired, you start at the bottom. Strive to work your way up the ladder into management positions. You may also want to go into different industries, such as architecture, which allow you to develop certain programs with a more secure future. Leadership gives you better skills and job security; however, you may end up managing schedules and others workers, more than programming.

It is extremely hard to come up with the program that will spit out major developer or publisher payments. If this is your goal, you may want to take these other ideas into consideration while developing your ideas on the side. Save most of your money so you can jump into your own program with a safety net in case it doesn’t work.