PubMatic Scales Global Operations & Improves Publisher Satisfaction

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  • Streamlined mass payments to multiple countries with multiple currencies
  • Optimized efficiency with the self-service supplier management portal
  • Improved operations with robust NetSuite ERP integration
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With Tipalti, it takes 3 minutes to complete a payment run.

Jason Wechsler | VP Revenue Accounting and Finance Automation at PubMatic

PubMatic “fuels the endless potential of internet content creators.”

Delivering superior revenue to publishers by being the sell-side platform of choice for agencies and advertisers, the PubMatic platform empowers independent app developers and publishers to control and maximize their digital advertising business. By reaching and engaging their target audiences in brand-safe, premium environments, PubMatic enables advertisers to drive ROI across multiple ad formats and devices.

With a robust finance operation overseeing all publishers, customers, payments, and collections, Jason Wechsler, VP Revenue Accounting & Finance Automation at PubMatic, was managing the rapid scaling of their business. With a constant influx of new publishers, it was becoming a burden on the finance team to manage their fluctuating tax and banking details and multiple currencies.

We were making payments to multiple countries all over the world. It was challenging and took a significant amount of time, especially since we had different banks in different countries.

To keep up with PubMatic’s growth, Wechsler was going to have to hire additional headcount. Plus, underlying their heavily manual operations was a prevalent risk of fraud.

“Payments were burdensome, and there was a constant risk of error with our manual processes—we had to find a way that would streamline operations.”

With an emphasis on publisher satisfaction and employee happiness, Wechsler wanted an automated solution that would make payments at regular intervals, provide a self-service model to update bank details, send out remittance advice, and provide visibility to all past and future payments.

The solution was Tipalti.

“With Tipalti, there are no limitations with scalability—we haven’t had any incremental work going from hundreds to thousands of publishers.”

Additionally, with the implementation of Tipalti’s Multi-FX platform, PubMatic was able to streamline the management of multiple currencies, eliminating the time-consuming process of logging into various banking accounts in different countries and buying currencies. As Wechsler states, “Now, it’s all handled by Tipalti in one workflow that includes approvals and currency purchases.”

Plus, the robust integration with ERP, NetSuite, allowed for greater operational efficiency and eliminated Wechsler’s growing compliance concern.

We’re saving massive amounts of time and have increased financial controls. With the Tipalti and NetSuite integration, we’ve streamlined as much as possible.

So, what’s the future for PubMatic?

A continued focus on differentiating themselves from the competition. As Wechsler states, “We don’t want finance to be responsible for publisher churn—automation allows us to be the best partner we can be.”

And for Payments?

With Tipalti, we’re able to sustain PubMatic’s continued growth.

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