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  • 80% decrease in accounts payable processing time
  • Reduced employee headcount & increased compliance
  • Integrated with YayPay & NetSuite to implement holistic payments workflow
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With Tipalti, our internal team can focus on customers and partners—rather than the backend work.

Rob Castaneda | CEO

Who supports the support team? ServiceRocket provides training solutions and enterprise adoption tools to help companies streamline their customer support workflows. With a team of over 260 spread across 7 offices, ServiceRocket has enabled its 4,000 active clients to provide the best in customer experiences since 2001.

With a multi-subsidiary NetSuite infrastructure, ServiceRocket was processing invoices from its suppliers all around the globe and paying these suppliers in their preferred currencies. For CEO Rob Castaneda, training and support were the key pillars for any system adoption. He was fostering a team culture where employees focused on customer empathy, diversity in thinking, and innovative solutions. This spirit of innovation would eventually lead him to consider how ServiceRocket could be saving time and money on their accounts payable process.

When we looked at our growing customers and suppliers, we knew that we needed more operational help.

As the company expanded internationally, Castaneda needed consistent visibility into where bills were flowing and who was paying them. ServiceRocket was utilizing YayPay on the receivables side, which had already improved operations by 15 percent. Still, they needed more efficiency in their accounts payable process. Additionally, they wanted to be a reliable partner to their suppliers by making payments on time and keeping communications tight. On the backend, the audit team also needed to maintain tax compliance, which was a manual and error-prone exercise.

So how did ServiceRocket successfully centralize multiple workflows across its international transactions? Automation.

With the implementation of Tipalti, ServiceRocket was able to maintain visibility over the different payment authority levels and compliance requirements on one central platform. With automation, ServiceRocket implemented a real-time data and audit flow at every stage of their accounts payable process—allowing their team to improve operations as payments increased around the globe.

It’s saved us a lot of money—especially in these times. Tipalti made everything more visible so that the team can have greater peace of mind.

On the supplier side, Castaneda notes that they have been able to complete payments in a matter of days instead of weeks—payments are batched and processed in real-time. As a customer-centric founder, he values all sides of the customer and provider ecosystem and remains committed to ensuring that ServiceRocket conducts an ethical business with all of its partners.

We make sure that we take care of our smaller suppliers. With Tipalti, we’re way more efficient, and we’re way more compliant.

After 8 months on Tipalti, ServiceRocket now looks forward to a more streamlined payments process while managing projects in NetSuite to drive purchase orders.

We are now putting all of our resources into the right things to support our customers and their experience.

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