Therabody Eliminates 60 Hours Per Month of Accounts Payable Work with Tipalti

HQ Santa Monica, CA
Customer Since 2018

Industry Health, Wellness & Fitness

  • Reduced AP workload by 60 hours each month
  • Increased fraud controls and spend visibility with robust audit trails
  • Streamlined invoice processing integrated with NetSuite
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Accounts Payable is no longer a burden with Tipalti.

Kevin Crowley | VP of Accounting & Finance at Therabody

Therabody is re-defining health and wellness. With state of the art hand-held percussive therapy devices, they’re at the forefront of revolutionizing muscle treatment in the active pursuit of their mission, “To help people feel their best everyday, naturally.”

Founded by chiropractor Dr. Jason Wersland in 2008 and officially launching in 2016, Therabody is a world leader in the whole-body wellness space—creating innovative, modern solutions for muscle tension relief, performance enhancement, and faster recovery.

Trusted by 250 professional sports teams, physical therapists, chiropractors, athletes, and celebrities worldwide and sold in over 50 countries, Therabody was successfully managing their rapid growth. Still, for Kevin Crowley, Director of Accounting & Finance, their trajectory was a problem.

We could see that Accounts Payable was becoming a burden. Vendor count and international payments were going to increase, and we needed to make sure the right processes were in place before it reached a point where cash flow management could be hindered.

In order to accomplish this, Crowley’s main priorities were twofold: a focus on the successful implementation of Therabody’s ERP, NetSuite, and the elevation of the entire AP function. “We needed to start building out our financial policies and procedures. To ensure that everything would run efficiently, we couldn’t rely on just our cash balances.”

With these priorities in mind, Crowley pushed forward—never wavering from his team’s overarching goal to help drive revenue for the business.

You can’t make decisions unless you have a quick monthly close—you need clear access to numbers to see where you’re making money. And you can’t do that without an automated finance system.

With his sights set on technology, Crowley was looking for the right solution that would allow Therabody to maintain low AP headcount while increasing their financial visibility. That solution was Tipalti.

With the platform’s capabilities, including automated payments, tax compliance, and approval workflows, Tipalti was the best fit. And for Crowley and his team, the benefits were significant, “Tipalti truly minimizes that AP burden. We’re able to prepare and plan for the future, as opposed to just getting our books done.”

Plus, Tipalti’s seamless integration with NetSuite was critical for Therabody’s operations, allowing the Accounting & Finance team to become vital strategic players in the company’s continued growth.

Now, we have time to find ways to reduce costs and enhance revenues. We’re focused on strategy, not just making sure that people are getting paid on time.

So, what’s the future for Therabody?

“We’re looking to automate almost all functions of the finance team. We don’t want our team to enter data—we want them to analyze data.”

And for AP?

I can’t imagine what our AP process would look like without Tipalti.

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