Xero Integrated AP Automation Software

Rely on Tipalti’s Xero accounting software integration to increase efficiency without adding headcount. Take back your time and resources with the only AP solution you will ever need as you scale.

Extend the features and functionality of Xero in just 4 weeks

Easily reconcile detailed payables data and accelerate your financial close with a seamless Tipalti – Xero integration.

Let Tipalti’s in-house experts guide you through the straightforward cloud-based integration with minimal staff disruptions – so you can transform your financial operations faster. 

Your end-to-end accounts payable automation system

Touchless invoicing process

Error-free invoice capture with advanced OCR

Supplier bills are scanned by OCR through email or the supplier portal and keyed in, ready for approval. No need for tedious data entry. Auto approvals and payment scheduling for a 100% touchless workflow.

Streamlined supplier management

Let suppliers do the work

Speed-up supplier onboarding by putting data entry in their hands using Tipalti’s multi-language on-demand supplier portal. Suppliers enter all their data to make them payable and gain complete supplier visibility, eliminating data entry and status inquiries.

Tax compliance

Eliminate manual tax data collection

Xero clients gain access to Tipalti’s world-class financial management and tax compliance controls. Take manual collection off the table and mitigate tax risks with KPMG-prescribed digitized tax form collection and validation. 

2- & 3-way PO matching

Save time and money with automated PO matching

Automated 2-way and 3-way matching eliminates fraud, ensures audit preparedness, and makes overpayments a thing of the past. Tipalti’s PO matching engine saves valuable time and money – freeing your employees to focus on other important tasks. 

Simple global payments

Fast, accurate global payments in minutes

Tipalti’s global payables automation handles fast, accurate mass payments across 196 countries in [num_ccurrencies] local currencies and 50 payment methods from a single dashboard. Payments are validated in real-time by our 26,000+ global rules engine for unmatched accuracy and peace of mind.

Strengthen your supply chain and improve relationships with suppliers by offering early payments and faster access to working capital.

Payment reconciliation

Reconciliation has never been easier

Quickly and easily reconcile detailed payables data to Xero’s cloud accounting software. Collect rich invoice and payment data into your system of record for accurate visibility and control. Accelerate financial close without juggling spreadsheets and statements.


Take control of employee spend & reimbursements

Efficiently manage employee expenses with our finance automation tool. Enhance visibility, scale quickly, and reduce risk. Our mobile app allows rapid reporting, review, and approval of expenses.


Gain visibility and bring spend under control

Tipalti enables you to modernise your procurement aoperation with a powerful, easy-to-use solution that provides greater control over spending, and reduces financial and compliance risk.

With simple, predefined custom forms, employees can easily submit purchase requests ensuring all critical spend information is collected upfront.

Eliminate messy emails, spreadsheets, and tickets by managing every aspect of your procurement in one centralized place.

Keep all procurement data easily searchable and accessible. With access to the true spend pipeline, finance, procurement, legal and security can get involved early.


customer satisfaction




annual remittance




year-over-year growth


customer retention

Ease your pain with modern, efficient workflows and an 80% reduction of your payables workload.

Make your payables workflow seamless and simple

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