Grateful for Our Feel-Good Customers

These are trying times, aren’t they? Sometimes, you may wonder if there’s still good left in the world. Well, great news: There is! Luckily for Tipalti, we only had to look at our own customers to realize some of the fantastic efforts they’re embarking on to make the world and the human spirit a little better. These companies are to be celebrated not only for their unique business models but also for their ability to fuse commerce with a conscience. Cheers to them in no particular order of awesomeness!

2019-11-22 Grateful for Our Feel-Good Customers (BLG) 2


Healthcare infrastructures are complicated, even in industrialized countries. For emerging countries with limited resources, it comes with its own set of challenges. Healthcare is not just about sending doctors, nurses, and medicine. You need to set up entire systems, including governance, financing, and paths to research (as well as the services themselves). To that goal, ThinkWell has embarked on a massive mission to deploy health systems in developing countries like Afghanistan, Uganda, and Myanmar.


In keeping with the medicine-to-third-world theme, what do drones and Bono have in common? Zipline, operating out of our very own Bay Area, has developed delivery mechanisms using piloted drones to supply remote locations with medicines. They’ve already made over 23,000 runs to over 16,000,000 people more regularly, safely, and cost-effectively than traditional shipping. If that wasn’t cool enough, they also recently added the Afro-activist U2 frontman to their board. Yes, they really are as impressive as they sound.


Holidays have you stressed out? Maybe you need to reward yourself with a ten-minute guided meditation session. Headspace is a company featuring a smartphone app that helps you chill and reach a better state of mind. Voiced by the company’s founder Andy Puddicombe (a former Tibetan Buddhist monk), Headspace now reaches the sati of 30 million people.


Still feeling stressed? Maybe you need someone to listen and offer guidance. Over 720,000 people have used services from BetterHelp to get professional, licensed therapy. And its modern therapy, including over text and video chat. That kind of frictionless connection to therapists is an ideal option for those who are overwhelmed with traditional psychiatric mechanisms and might otherwise avoid getting help.


3.6 million people miss their medical appoints every year because they lack adequate transportation to their care facility. Circulation saw that as both a problem and an opportunity to serve. The Boston, MA company, in partnership with Lyft, Uber, and Fallon Ambulance, built a network of driver logistics leveraged by healthcare companies to schedule travel for those who need it.

Are your spirits still not elevated? Okay. Here’s a trailer for A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood featuring Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers.

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