Happy Affiliates Are Paid Affiliates

As an online merchant, it behooves you to maintain a strong network of affiliate sites that collectively send you a great deal of traffic. Without affiliate networks, many of these merchant’s sites wouldn’t gain nearly as much traffic as they do through affiliate programs. Due to the fact that many online merchants depend on their affiliate network to bring in the traffic, it only makes sense that Affiliate Networks need to keep their publishers (affiliates) happy. There’s nothing more powerful than word-of-mouth, so, in order for an affiliate network to grow in both quality and quantity, the affiliates, or the people that are being paid, need to be happy and satisfied when it comes to their money.

So, what makes a happy affiliate? Well, that’s not too hard to figure out.. For many affiliates, their site is a source of income that they depend on in order to pay their bills, meet their obligations, simply play around with — and the list goes on. With that being said, it is extremely important that every affiliate receive their payments in their preferred method and on time. It’s an easy equation: timely payments + preferred method= a happy affiliate. By the same token, late or incorrect payments make the affiliates quite unhappy. Affiliates’ unhappiness can become a malignant problem for affiliate networks. As we’ve already acknowledged, word-of-mouth is a powerful way of spreading news, and that can either work for or against the affiliate networks looking to develop their business. Poor accounts payable practices can lead to the loss of current affiliates within an already established network. It can also create difficulties in finding new affiliates when looking to expand your affiliate network.

To avoid such difficulties, the answer is simple. Affiliate networks need to make payments to their payees correctly and on-time. This can be a difficult task considering the amount and various geographies of the payments. Without an in-house understanding of every currency, every country’s banking regulations, affiliates personal information for tax requirements, , and Patriot Act compliance, things can easily become messy. By employing the services of a mass payment provider that automates the entire process of your mass payout process, affiliate networks can look forward to keeping their all of their publishers happy by delivering payments on time and in the correct form. This way, everybody wins, and this leads to a better business relationship, and growth for the merchant, as well as the affiliate network.