International Payment Methods

A Wealth of Cross-Border Payment Methods

From prepaid debit cards to international ACH and wire transfers, Tipalti gives you a world of options. Or rather, your business partners (suppliers, vendors, affiliates, publishers, crowd, etc.) can choose the payment methods that make the most sense for them individually. With over 26,000 international banking rules managed by Tipalti and control over transaction fees levied to your payees, you can offer multiple payment methods under a single central point.

Available Payment Methods

Tipalti supports the following payment methods:

Simple Payment Execution

Make payments to your business partners with a single, simple, payment file upload, or via the Tipalti API. You upload the payment instructions. Tipalti parses the instructions and automatically remits in all payment methods with no interaction required by your staff. In addition, all payment status and data from each payment method are reconciled and normalized automatically and in real time. This information can be automatically sent to an ERP or accounting platform.

Global Coverage

Tipalti uniquely provides global payment coverage through a wide array of payment methods including ACH (direct deposit), eCheck (i.e. Global ACH, Local Bank Transfer), paper check, wire transfer, PayPal, and prepaid debit card. Some countries and payment methods may have limited coverage due to specific banking issues. As we are always adding new coverage areas, please contact our team for specific questions about remitting to a particular target country.

Wire Transfers

The fastest method of directly depositing payouts into a payee’s bank account, wire transfers are available in all countries and can be transacted in USD or in the payee’s local currency. To ensure delivery, Tipalti prompts payees to enter their bank account number and any other information that local banking regulations require, thus reducing virtually all likelihood that payments will be rejected due to incorrect information.

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ACH (Automated Clearing House) / Direct Deposit

Available to payees in the US and paid in USD, this fast and inexpensive form of electronic money transfer is ideal for payees who want the convenience of direct deposit. Payees enter their bank account number and ABA Routing Code during registration. Funds are pushed into the Payee’s bank account.

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eCheck / International ACH / Local Bank Money Transfer

Available in many countries around the world, this cost-effective payment method facilitates direct bank money transfer to the payee’s bank account, and optionally in the payee’s local currency. Payees are spared the hassle of converting deposits made in a foreign currency – with Tipalti, the work is already done!

To ensure delivery, the Tipalti system prompts payees to enter their bank account number and any other information that local banking regulations require. This localization of the collection form eliminates 99% of payment rejections due to incorrect banking information.

Not surprisingly, eCheck / Global ACH has rapidly become the most popular payment method for affiliates, publishers, and other payees. Payees can select this payment method for sending funds in Europe (via SEPA – Single Euro Payments Area), the Americas, Asia, Oceania, and Africa. For an up to date list of countries supported by Tipalti, contact us.

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Paper Checks

This payment method is ideal for those payees who are accustomed to cashing or depositing paper checks. All paper checks are printed, postmarked, and mailed by Tipalti’s banking partners, with the payer name printed in the upper left hand corner of the check. This completely relieves the payer of the heavy workload associated with issuing massive numbers of checks.

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Tipalti supports this universally recognized eWallet, which is especially popular for low payout amounts. A relatively inexpensive method, PayPal is supported in many, though not all, countries. Tipalti offers payors the choice of remitting via PayPal’s Mass Pay or individual-pay systems.

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Prepaid Debit Cards

Pay your network with globally accepted Visa or MasterCard-branded prepaid debit cards. This payment method is completely integrated into the Tipalti system. Covers all countries.

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