Supplier Management

Gathering payment information from suppliers and vendors is often a manual process. Sometimes, they send an invoice, which has some payment information included. Other times, the procurement team might have gathered supplier management and onboarding information. And still other times, AP must expressly contact the vendor directly to determine how to pay them. Or when all else fails, a paper check is sent into the great unknown.

In every one of these cases, some amount of manual effort is required by the payer. And what if the supplier changes their information? Or what if they live in a country where the organization’s standard payment method is not supported? And what of the transaction and management costs to produce checks or set up and track ACH and wire transfers?

Simplify Supplier and Partner Interaction with Self-Service

Tipalti provides an intelligent, dynamic payee portal designed to guide suppliers and partners around the process of submitting their payment details. Over 26,000 banking rules are built into a brandable, mobile-friendly IFRAME that easily embeds securely within the HTML of your existing website and is made available to payees 24×7.

  • Reduce payment errors by gathering accurate bank account information from payees based on their country and selected payment methods, including local bank routing details
  • Provide immediate information to payees about potential fees so they can make the best payment method choice for them (e.g. wire transfer, ACH, local bank transfers, paper check, etc.)
  • Collect tax forms digitally including those for foreign entities
  • Provide access to view payment history and status
  • Fully brandable web portal matches your existing website’s look and feel

Streamlining Supplier Data Entry

Tipalti puts the responsibility for maintaining accurate payee data on suppliers and partners. As a side benefit, they’re given freedom of choice when it comes to how they’re paid. Different countries and jurisdictions have varied banking and money transmission requirements. Tipalti handles paying in the most efficient way to everyone no matter where they live.

Payee Account info

Not all payees have the same needs and your payment method should meet these needs. The Tipalti white-labeled self-serve dashboard allows each payee to choose their preferred payment method, while keeping your organization in full tax and regulatory compliance.

Payment Method

Payees are prompted to enter their banking information to ensure successful remittance of payments. This process also helps payees determine how to be paid including currency (if applicable) and payment thresholds (established by the payer). There is also a clear articulation of any transaction fees that may be incurred. Your workload is kept to a minimum. No more error-prone manual payments entry.

Tax Forms

To ensure tax compliance, payees are required to complete the necessary tax forms (e.g. W-9, W-8, etc.), which are kept with the payer. An end-of-year 1099 and 1042-S report provides a submission-ready file to help you manage reporting to federal and state authorities.

Payment History

Reduce the need to interact directly with payees by providing them access to their payment history. They can easily identify when they were paid, how much, or if there are underlying issues preventing them from receiving funds. This view is also whitelabeled and can exist securely as part of your supplier web experience.

Supplier Information Management WP

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