If you run a crowd-sourced patent research website, getting an effective payment method organized might not be the first step you have in mind. Although it isn’t obvious, you need a safe and simple mass payment solution to compensate the many researches you’ll use. Patent searches cannot be done by one person, or by even a handful of people. It involves time and multiple eyes, and, as such, requires some cash investment from the person seeking a patent.

Take Payments from Clients

Business owners at patent search websites can use a payout platform to keep track of their clients’ payments and ensure their customers get the quality research they need, without worrying about tracking payments. Online payment methods such as PayPal and wire transfers allow online researchers to keep track of every payment in one place. This places more focus on researching existing patents, rather than using time and funds to handle the researchers’ compensation.

Pay Your Affiliates

Not only does a payout platform handle customer payments, it can handle affiliate payments and other employee payrolls. Even if your researchers get paid different amounts every month, you can keep track of every payment and save records for tax purposes, if you use a mass payment system.