Crowdsourcing Payments

Crowdsourcing can be used for anything, from improving your grandmother’s brownie recipe, to getting reviews about a summer blockbuster, but did you know that more businesses than ever are using this model to boost sales? The line between publishers and their audiences is blurred, on the web, so taking advantage of crowdsourcing can get your business ahead fast.

Get Feedback to Improve App Monetization and Web Sales

Visit Yelp or Amazon Reviews, and you’ll see that people love talking about the products and services they buy. Asking your customers for input about your products and the way you conduct business not only gives you insight into the types of products they want to see, but makes them feel as if they are taking part in your community. If you are trying to get better app monetization, asking users to vote on the service they use most often on their phones could help you better cater to your customer’s needs, leading to more app sales. Getting crowdsourced feedback prevents unforeseen user interface problems before they happen.

Use Multiple Mass Payment Methods

Crowdsourcing guidelines often miss this important step. Having a quality payment system to handle work done by the crowd is essential to the success of any project the crowd works on. Allowing workers choose the best and most efficient payment method for their geography and their personal needs, will keep them happy and coming back for more work. Quality crowdsourcing payment systems should handle everything, from wire transfers and global ACH to PayPal, without issue.

Create Better Content and Better Ads through Crowdsourcing

In many cases the most effective content or ads are created by crowd-sourced workers: writers, optimizers, and copy-writers. The most successful companies providing performance based web search and performance driven ad optimization take great care of their workers by paying them often and with a wide range of payment methods.

Crowdsourcing Payments