Tipalti Launches Payables Automation Partner Program

Tipalti’s Partner Program will make it easy to reduce your clients’ supplier payment workload by up to 80 percent, strengthen financial and compliance controls, mitigate fraud and compliance risk, improve AP visibility, and accelerate financial close through instant payment reconciliation.

tax compliance risk payoneer

Avoiding the Tax Compliance Risks when Remitting with Prepaid Debit Cards and Ewallets

Learn the global tax compliance risks when paying with eWallets and prepaid debit cards (e.g. Payoneer and PayPal) and strategies for protecting your network or marketplace

PayStream Advisors Awards Tipalti Innovation Prize

PayStream Advisors Innovative Technology of the Year to Tipalti for intuitive, progressive solution for automating financial processes 📰 Read the Release

Supplier Retention Critically Important to Finance Organizations PR

CFOs to establish the right Payables Transformation strategy today to ensure that their financial operations scales with their business 📰 Read the Release

Payment Fraud Risk Detection

Tipalti Detect Payment Fraud Mitigation PR

Tipalti ... 📰 Read the Release

Customer Spotlight: Flytographer

Flytographer manages a network of professional photographers around the world to help record your most memorable and extraordinary moments.

Can Finance Be Fun?

The most exciting part of finance is finding $ that no one thought was there. You’re already paying suppliers, why not make money doing it? Early Payments!

Why Don’t Companies Utilize Supplier Portals

Just 50% “best-in-class” organizations use a supplier portal. And of the rest of the organizations, only 20% utilize supplier portals. Why?

Online Marketplace Payments Automation

Marketplace Payments Automation

Online marketplaces must pay their digital partners – 1000s at a time – with efficiency and by mitigating risk. Do you know if you have a payments issue?

Touchless Invoice Workflow

Does anyone like dealing with invoices?

Tipalti introduces the 100% touchless invoice. By combining our supplier portal, OCR technology, machine learning, outsourced services, and artificial intelligence (AI)

Touchless Invoice OCR Processing

Tipalti Introduces Touchless AI-Driven Invoice Management Service

Tipalti's Touchless Invoice Processing Service enables 100% Straight-Thru Processing 📰 Read the Release

PayPal Mass Payment Complexity

Mass Payments Beyond PayPal

Here are 10 signs that your network may be outgrowing the mass payment capabilities of PayPal Mass Pay or other e-wallets