The Majority of Today’s Corporations Send Cross-Border Payments, Study Shows

The majority of accounts payable organizations now conduct cross-border payments, as shown in a new study carried out by research and analyst firm PayStream Advisors

Payment Errors Abound For Multinational Firms | PYMNTS

A new report conducted by PayStream Advisors examined 400 businesses across industries to explore their cross-border payments experience

How the scattered state of global B-to-B payments can invite error | PaymentsSource

The process of making cross-border payments to global suppliers is a hodgepodge of technology, banking systems and other factors that can lead to high error rates. And for most companies, such payments occur too infrequently to invite improvements to the process.

How to Establish an Internal Controls Framework for Accounts Payable

An internal controls framework – including approval workflows, signatory rights, and payment processes – provides the basis for minimizing risk and error in AP and ensuring financial compliance before payment.

20 B2B Technologies To Try In 2017

With its mission of liberating finance departments from burdensome day-to-day AP operations, Tipalti in its seven-year lifespan has gained a loyal following of hundreds of customers

Payment API

Why a Bank API for ACH is Inadequate

You want to integrate as seamlessly as possible with existing accounting and ERP systems. However there are many key steps along the supplier payment process that still require significant manual effort beyond sending out payment instructions to the transfer API for bank, ACH, and wire services.

Automating Ecommerce Supplier Invoice Workflow and Communications

Here are some potential approaches that ecommerce companies can look to adopt to streamline accounts payable supplier invoice processes.

Regtech’s Unmistakable Position in Midmarket Enterprises | TMCnet

This is where Regtech comes into play – systems that can provide the necessary automated oversight for these businesses so they can focus on growth and innovation, not refereeing business transactions.

New Tricks for Ecommerce Operations

Warning: none of these are the super sexy, high flying aspects of ecommerce, but they could save your business

For Vendor Validation, Tipalti Expands Scale And Scope | PYMNTS

Tipalti can offer U.S. multinationals, as they expand in scale and scope, and firms in countries elsewhere in the world support as they vet suppliers before payments are disbursed.

Tipalti Expands International Supplier Tax Form Validation To 47 Additional Countries

3,200+ New validation rules ease global tax compliance burden for accounts payable ad finance teams responsible for supplier payments

Why Would Suppliers Use a Self-Service Portal?

Supplier portals are web interfaces for collecting and displaying information pertinent to suppliers’ interactions such as payment details, invoices, payment histories, and tax ID and forms.