Tipalti Integrates With Leading Digital Media Analytics Platform LinkTrust

New Partnership Paves Way For Streamlined Payments For AdTech Companies

Choosing the Payment Method for Each Affiliate

Different payment methods work better for different situations. For affiliate payments, especially globally, there is a staggering range of combinations that are optimal for each transaction.

Importance of Communicating Affiliate Payment Status

For networks to truly be of service to affiliates and gain their loyalty, they must go beyond achieving a high comScore. Considerable value is placed on communication with partners about affiliate payment status, which also extends to enabling self-service management.

Affiliate Payments – Why They Matter

Affiliate payments, particularly the quality and efficiency of their payment experience, drive affiliate loyalty to or their attrition from that network. What matters possibly more than any other aspect of the affiliate network is getting paid.

Tipalti Brings Manish Vrishaketu on as Chief Operating Officer

Vrishaketu will be responsible for establishing and maintaining key banking and payment partnerships, while leading Tipalti’s global customer success, client onboarding, payment operations and support organizations.

Tipalti Unveils Cloud OCR to Invoice Processing Workflow

Touchless Invoice Capability Enhances the World’s Only End-to-End Accounts Payable Automation Platform

Finance and Accounting Survey Identifies Waste and Risk with Accounts Payable Operation

How are manual efforts affecting how accounts payable is able to get their job done efficiently, with minimal risk and proactive compliance? Read the study.

IRS Tax Identification Number (TIN) Validation e-Services Update

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is changing the identity authentication process for IRS.gov self-help tools including TIN validation e-services

Survey: Accounts payable still manual

Despite the many assists technology is offering businesses – from programmatic ad buying to automated creative, and digital connection between team members – there is one area in which most businesses remain manual: accounts payable.

Manual effort as primary method for getting AP done

AP friction limits the ongoing improvement opportunities for organizations. If the accounts payable function was more automated, many professionals would spend more effort on strategic initiatives.

Survey Identifies Waste and Risk with Accounts Payable

A large majority of companies are still handling essential supplier payment processes and best practices by hand, leading to greater errors as businesses grow and expand globally.

Accounts Payable Appreciation Week

Accounts Payable Appreciation Week starts on Oct. 10th. Give them work that is both fulfilling and valued beyond accepting invoices and paying suppliers