The Bottom Line for Payments Risk Mitigation: Automation and Education

Employee education and automation form the foundation of an effective payments risk mitigation strategy. ♞ Learn best practice strategies.


Stopping Third Party Payments Risk in Its Tracks

Third-party payments risk exposures and BEC scams can hound accounts payable efforts and damage finances. ♞ Learn prevention strategies.

Tipalti Recognized as 2017 Bay Area Best Places To Work

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AdTech Study on Payment Hurdles Affecting Publishers and Affiliate Marketers

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Supplier Payments Fraud: Aligning Technology & Process to Eliminate Risk Exposures

Payments risk exposures can arise from each person/party (internal or external) and system (internal or external) involved in creating and effecting a payment. ♞ Learn prevention strategies.

Stopping Payments Fraud: Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

Companies across all industries continue to experience internal payment fraud at an alarming rate. ♞ Learn prevention strategies.

eTail Eating Retail? Why Ecommerce Will Own It All

It was considerably more likely for ecommerce etailer Amazon to have acquired Whole Foods rather than the other way around.

Ad Networks Standing Out from Google and Facebook’s Dominance

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4 Areas You Need to Solve Before Starting an Early Payments Program

For any early payment program to succeed, hard work is required. Here are four areas to think through embarking on the EP journey.

Why Early Payments Matter to Publishers, Writers, and Creators

it’s preposterous not to pay providers on time. Onboarding and paying partners should literally take a few minutes a day. ♞ Learn the Strategy.

Payments Fraud Plays No Favorites: Your Company Is Not Immune

According to the 2017 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey, 74% surveyed were victims of payments fraud. ♞ Learn prevention strategies.

Tipalti Adds Major Innovations to Future-Proof Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable now has a frictionless way to enable early supplier payments across global subsidiaries from a central hub