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Payables Automation Provider Tipalti Raises $30 Million in Series C Round

Tipalti raised $30 million in its Series C financing round last week, bringing the global payables automation solution provider’s total funding to more than $50 million

As Audits Loom, AP Automation Moves To Top Of Mind

Tipalti CEO On Accounts Payable Automation

Tipalti boosted by $30 million financing

Tipalti has taken the opportunity to raise another $30 million in funding. The Series C round was led by Zeev Ventures.

Tipalti Lands $30 Million To Step Up Payments Automation

Tipalti looks a lot more like one of the breakout cases on the strength of the $30 million payday it walked away with.

Tipalti Introduces PO Matching To Their AP Platform

Members of Ardent’s ePayables Research team recently took a briefing and product demo from the team at Tipalti regarding their announcement introducing automated purchase order matching to their platform’s AP workflow.

Term Sheet -- Tuesday, February 13

Tipalti, a San Mateo, Calif.-based global payables automation solution, raised $30 million in Series C funding. Zeev Ventures led the round.

Tipalti Closes $30 Million Series C Funding Led by Zeev Ventures

Tipalti, a global payables platform, has closed on a $30 million Series C financing round led by Zeev Ventures bringing total funding to date at over $50 million.

Tipalti closes $30m Series C funding round

Tipalti, the leading global payables automation solution, today announced it has closed a $30 million Series C financing round led by Zeev Ventures.

Tipalti Closes $30 Million Series C Funding Round To Build Out R&D

Enter Tipalti, a global payables automation software company that includes all phases of the payments workflow in a cloud-based platform, which includes steps from supplier onboarding to cross-border payments and AP reporting.

Tipalti raises $30 million to sharpen B-to-B payment

Tipalti, whose platform automates domestic and international accounts payable, has raised $30 million in a Series C financing round led by Zeev Ventures, bringing its funding total to $50 million.

Why I Decided to Lead Tipalti’s Series C Round of Funding

Tipalti CEO Chen Amit and I founded Tipalti in 2010 with a vision to transform the way global payables are handled, by rethinking the way cross-border payment, supplier, and compliance operations are managed.

3 Growth Insights Helped This CEO Raise $50 Million

"One Silicon Valley company just raised $30 million -- bringing total capital to $50 million -- because it has an effective growth culture."

Israeli B2B fintech co Tipalti raises $30m

Tipalti’s cloud-based payables automation platform helps CFOs scale payable operations for rapid and global growth.

Tipalti Launches Partner Program for Payables Automation | CPA Practice Advisor

Tipalti's Partner Program will offer the ability to leverage Tipalti’s software to eliminate the time spent on manual accounts payable operations.

Mobile and in-App Advertising Trends 2018 | Moby Affiliates

For the last ten years mobile and in-app advertising have been the branches of a digital advertising that saw the fastest growth.

Tipalti Launches Payables Automation Partner Program | The Paypers

Tipalti's Partner Program will offer the ability to leverage Tipalti’s software to eliminate the time spent on manual accounts payable operations.

Tipalti Tames The Monster Ecosystem Of X-Border, AP Automation | PYMNTS

The primary focus of the program is to enable financial experts and consultants to better help and serve their clients.

Tipalti Establishes Partner Program For Firms | Accounting Today

Through its new program, Tipalti offers training and support for partners as they assist their clients.

Wattpad Raises $51 Million in Funding from Tencent, BDC and Other Partners | Wattpad

Congratulations to Tipalti customer Wattpad on their $51 Million round! May the stories keep flowing!

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Today's Channel Rundown | ChannelNomics

Tipalti's Partner Program will offer the ability to leverage Tipalti’s software to eliminate the time spent on manual accounts payable operations.

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Tipalti Launches First Partner Program to Meet Payables Complexities | Channel Partners

Tipalti's Partner Program will offer the ability to leverage Tipalti’s software to eliminate the time spent on manual accounts payable operations.

Tipalti Launches Payables Automation Partner Program | Spend Matters

Tipalti's Partner Program will offer the ability to leverage Tipalti’s software to eliminate the time spent on manual accounts payable operations.

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Top Tips For Running A Successful Gig Economy Business | Chief Executive

For businesses that rely on gig economy workers, the ability to scale up or down depending on demand enables great agility and responsiveness.

Supplier Retention Seen as Increasingly Important to Businesses, But What About Screening? | Spend Matters

For today’s executives, achieving supplier retention is increasingly seen as vital to the business.

Five B2B Payment Stories To Look For In 2018 | Payment Week

The business and tech media will likely continue to be swooned by mobile payments and cryptocurrencies in the coming year, B2B payments likely won’t.

Studies Generate Cross-Border Insight For Tipalti | PYMNTS

"Global ACH is a great hybrid because it’s fast, secure and inexpensive to send. However, many are just discovering that this option is available."

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Top 20 Tax Software Solutions of 2018 | Finances Online

Tax software, both when offered independently and as a module integrated within a financial suite, is becoming an absolute necessity for any business.

There Will Be Plenty of Jobs in the Future: You Just Won’t be Able to Do Them | LinkedIn

In the not-so-distant future, millions of workers will have different jobs than they have today.

Seizing Partnership Opportunities in Emerging Markets | Tech Crunch

Partnering beyond your borders is becoming a low-friction way for those in less developed countries to add their value to the global economy.

How A Touch Of Modern Tech Brought A Touch Of Modern Global | PYMNTS

The thing about visionaries is they can sometimes be all about the vision and not so much about the stepping stones that will get them there.

Study Finds That Supplier Retention Critically Important To Finance Organizations | Payment Week

The study found that a majority of companies believe it is critically important to retain long-term business relationships with their payees.

Study Finds Supplier Retention Critically Important to Finance Organizations | CPA Practice Advisor

A majority of companies believe it is critically important to retain long-term business relationships with payees and that payments is a critical touchpoint

Tipalti International Payables Without Borders | PYMNTS

Organizations that treat cross-border payments as a simple international remittance miss the point.

Fighting Fraud in the Real-Time Digital Economy | CPA Practice Advisors

Modern businesses with high growth targets are built from the ground up with digital and global operations in mind.

Are We Ready For A Workforce That is 50% Freelance? | Forbes

The survey found that 50.9% of the U.S. population will be freelancing in 10 years if a current uptick in freelancing continues at its current pace.

Tipalti Takes Down Fraudsters With New Detect Module | PYMNTS

The San Mateo startup recently announced the addition of a new fraud monitoring module, Tipalti Detect, to help eliminate accounts payable fraud risk.

Digital Payments Expected to Hit 726 Billion by 2020 | CNBC

People around the world are expected to make 726 billion transactions using digital payment technologies by 2020 according to a new study.

Startup Roundup: The Name Of The Game Is Speed | PYMNTS

While all startups are trying to solve different problems, many boil down to the same core issue the old way of doing things is just too slow.

Houzz's $4B Valuation Sets Investor Oren Zeev Apart | Forbes

Houzz’s recent $400 million investment round at a $4 billion valuation came as no surprise among the venture capital community.

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Hiring Strategies for a Growing E-Commerce Business | Independent Retailer

Hiring for an e-commerce company is no small feat. The success of your business is highly dependent on the collective efforts of your team.

Tipalti Launches New Solution to Monitor Fraud Across Accounts Payable Platforms | Moby Affiliates

Tipalti, has rolled out TipaltiDetect, a new module which is designed to monitor fraud across its accounts payable platform.

Taking the long view: How to leverage people, technology and capital to rapidly scale an e-retail business | Digital Commerce 360

Jonathan Wu shares his experience of successfully scaling Touch of Modern, an online retailer of men’s apparel, home goods and technology products.

How Israeli Expats In Silicon Valley Produce Winning Startups | Inc

Israel's Defense Force breeds world-class entrepreneurs then exports many of the best ones to Silicon Valley where they create global companies.

Easy Early Payments Drive Adoption For Tipalti | PYMNTS

Once Tipalti removed the accounts payable friction & made early payments a one-click no-negotiations process the startup saw the adoption rate climb to 15%.

What Your Clients Need to Know about Cloud Accounting Software | CPA Practice Advisor

What Do Your Clients Need to Know about Cloud Accounting Software? Cloud accounting software is a subscription to competency.

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Tipalti Drags the Entire Accounts Payable Function Into the Cloud | Diversity Limited

This enables invoices to be fully digitized with no intervention by accounts payable, making invoices approval-ready and ultimately payment-ready.

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Accounting Software Provider Tipalti Launches Touchless Invoice Process | Bank Innovation

“We want to free the CFOs and finance teams from these administrative tasks so they can focus on other aspects of the job.”

Tipalti Introduces Touchless Invoice Data Capture| Accounting Today

Tipalti, is introducing touchless invoice data capture and artificial intelligence (AI)-based approval routing technology to its accounts payable platform.

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A Brief History Of Video Ad Tech M&A – And The Future Of Pure Plays| Ad Exchanger

Nice profile of pure-play video ad tech and MCN companies that have been acquired in the last year – and those that are still independent.