MobileFUSED Clears Global Hurdles and Prevents Fraud with Tipalti

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  • Avoided hiring additional full-time staff by automating the entire payables workflow
  • Accelerated growth with international partners and improved supplier management
  • Increased fraud controls preventing payouts to deceptive schemes

HQ Tempe, AZ
Customer Since 2018
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“Tipalti takes all of the data entry off my plate.”

—Wendy Welfelt, Director of Finance and Accounting, MobileFUSED

MobileFUSED knows “the future of search is mobile.”

Since 2011, they’ve exclusively focused on pay per call—becoming a leader in inbound mobile marketing.

Today, search engines and social media are inundated with ads from companies that promise to deliver calls and increase revenue, but mobileFUSED is consistently rising above the rest.

Their mantra is to help their clients grow by generating and maintaining quality leads for their vast network of publishers and advertisers—working harder and being more proactive than their competition.

By developing a highly focused process for their clients, mobileFUSED truly believes that a partnership can only thrive if everyone is on the same page.

But for Wendy Welfelt, Director of Finance and Accounting at mobileFUSED, being “on the same page” was impossible for their lean team.

“When I joined mobileFUSED, we were doing everything manually, and Accounts Payable was becoming a very tedious process. In order to keep growing, we needed to change.”

As an early employee that started with the company, Welfelt understood the need for a more streamlined system. As she states, “Supplier management became overwhelming—it was a huge number of publishers that were coming in internationally, and we just didn’t have the infrastructure set up to complete everything on time.”

Payments were becoming a hindrance to the business, and Welfelt was left with only two options: hire more headcount or adopt an automated solution.

“We decided to modernize our process. By implementing Tipalti, we streamlined our entire workflow—from supplier management all the way through to payables.”

And the initial benefits for mobileFUSED were apparent. As Welfelt states, “The time savings alone was huge, but we also began to see an increase in fraud control. It’s the worst feeling in the world knowing that you paid someone that didn’t deserve it—being able to catch fraudsters with Tipalti Detect has been very rewarding.”

By automating Accounts Payable, mobileFUSED was able to look forward towards increased global expansion. With Tipalti, they were confident that they could bring on more international publishers, without slowing down the business. Plus, they were now able to have a clear view of their ROI on a daily basis.

“Tipalti allowed me to have a better pulse on the company, my department, and our overall finances. It’s allowed me to make more strategic decisions.”

So, what’s the future for mobileFUSED? According to Welfelt, it’s continuing to scale with automation, enabling growth, being a proactive partner, and optimizing cash flow.

And for AP?

“We are a lot more flexible in our payments process—Tipalti allows us to keep our business agile and growing.”