Here's Why Everyone Loves Tipalti

Because of the uniquely holistic approach to solving accounts payable challenges, Tipalti offers tremendous benefit across the finance organization.

CFOs and Controllers

Move beyond manual, tactical AP and payment operations and leverage the talents of your team to make real strategic impact.
Benefits by Role 1

Free up AP resources to add value across the organization. The most effective finance teams are streamlining back-office operations and partnering with other areas of the business to deliver more value. Tipalti frees up 80%+ of your AP team’s time for important initiatives, such as optimizing working capital, forecasting, cash flow analysis, improving business productivity, and helping the company scale efficiently.

Transition AP from a cost center to a profit center. Not only does Tipalti hold down operating costs by avoiding the need to invest in more AP resources and eliminating 95% of rejected payments, Tipalti also helps generate revenue with early payments. Because Tipalti streamlines the entire AP process, from supplier onboarding to invoice processing and payments, you maximize the number of payments that can be extended early payment offers. Tipalti then returns a portion back from the early payment discount to you on every dollar paid.

Reduce tax, regulatory, and financial control risk. Your business will always be up-to-date with any tax or regulatory change across the world with the Tipalti cloud. Prior to making payments, every payee is scanned against blacklists to avoid penalties for payouts to bad actors. IRS FATCA tax compliance (with form processing prescribed by KPMG LLC) avoids tax penalties. Signatory rights, robust workflow approvals, and built-in audit logs provide granular system access and visibility. With advanced, automated controls in place, we put your company in the best position to respond to audits.

Accelerate the financial close with instant reconciliation and ERP integration. Get closer to a virtual close with real-time payment reconciliation. Payment methods, currencies, and geographies are combined in a single payment run and reconciled in real-time for instant visibility. Detailed transaction and reconciliation reports are integrated with your ERP system to provide the finance team with a consolidated view of all payout accounts.

Accounts Payable

Move beyond manual invoice and payment processing and develop finance skills to elevate your career.

Leave the minutiae behind and focus on making impact. Tipalti eliminates the manual, time-consuming efforts around supplier onboarding, invoice management, and processing payments, giving you time to focus on what really matters most to the business – financial reporting, cash flow analysis, budgeting and forecasting, and more.

Ensure timely and accurate payments without the hassle. Tipalti’s automated system eliminates payment issues by ensuring all required bank information by country and payment method is collected and validated up front. You pay everyone the same way, regardless of method and currency, and payees can even choose to be paid earlier than standard payment terms.

Take advantage of efficient supplier communications that cut inquiry calls. Tipalti automatically notifies payees of payments made, transaction details, rejected payments (including their cause and how to fix), missing tax forms, and more. Both you and the supplier always have complete visibility into all communications and the latest payment status.

Benefits by Role 2

Operations and Process Improvers

Bring your organization to a new level with technology that enables efficient payments in a scalable, end-to-end platform.
Benefits by Role 3

Unify multiple systems in a single enterprise-grade platform. Tipalti is the only system that handles all of the AP workflow so you won’t need to invest in multiple applications as your company grows – self-service supplier onboarding, invoice management, tax and regulatory compliance, global remittance, early payments, and reconciliation.

Cut 80% of your supplier payment operations workload. Because the entire flow is automated in one system, you reap the benefits of cost, labor, and productivity efficiencies. Built-in validation rules, self-service onboarding, and real-time payment reconciliation are a few of the system capabilities that eliminate the risk of manual AP work and free up finance’s time to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Make compliance easy. The Tipalti platform does the work for you, handling a wide range of compliance to reduce audit risk and drive best-practice approaches to tax, OFAC, and financial and IT controls.

Get constant innovations with the Tipalti cloud. We handle the hosting, upgrades, and security – all while constantly enhancing features to increase the value of the solution. Rather than building and maintaining your own supplier payment platform, Tipalti offers the managed benefits of a robust, secure SaaS platform.

IT Organizations

Extend the value of technology investments without adding more maintenance or system complexity.

Invest in the only AP technology that will scale with growth. Tipalti is the only system that handles the entire AP workflow so you won’t need to rip and replace again as your company grows. Tipalti is proven to scale, with 3M+ suppliers and $5 billion processed through the platform each year.

Experience seamless integration with current systems. Integrating Tipalti into your website only requires a few lines of code, which can be easily customized to match the look and feel of your company’s branding and experience. Get more from your ERP integration with real-time or controlled integration points around supplier data, invoice details, and payment reconciliation. There’s no need to custom code interfaces with bank APIs or maintain custom middleware.

Rest easy with the highest industry security standards. Tipalti’s enterprise-grade cloud platform meets the highest level of security standards. Built on a modern multi-tenant cloud architecture and hosted on Amazon Web Services, Tipalti guarantees 99.95% uptime. With discrete signatory rights and role-based access and two-factor authentication, every element of Tipalti is secure. Tipalti is SSAE16 SOC audit-certified and AES encrypted to ensure payer and payee information is maintained to the highest industry security levels. Advanced controls include extended user roles, approval workflow, signatory rights, audit trails, and data protection.

Benefits by Role 4

Suppliers and Partners

Experience frictionless onboarding, reliable payments, payment choice, and improved visibility.
Benefits by Role 5

Do it your way. Tipalti’s portal is completely self-service, so you can onboard at your convenience. You can choose your preferred payment method and even elect to get paid early. The supplier portal also maintains a history of invoices and payments, so you get unprecedented visibility into what’s been paid out and upcoming payments.

Onboarding made easy. Simply enter your address, payment, and tax details, and you are ready to be paid – all you need is a login and internet connection. Onscreen cues guide you through the onboarding process, so you don’t waste time sending information back and forth over email, phone, or fax, and a guided tax wizard helps you select the proper tax form. Thousands of built-in rules validate the information you enter, so you know in real-time if you’ve made any errors, not after a payment has been rejected.

Get paid on time. Tipalti executes payments across the globe through a wide range of payment methods. Because banking information is validated in real-time during onboarding, you’re assured of fast, reliable payments. You can also upload invoices or send them directly to your payer’s AP email account to initiate the payment workflow.

Get notified. Tipalti will send you email communications on your payer’s behalf for a wide variety of payment milestones – when a payment has been made, when a payment has been rejected (including how to fix the problem), when tax forms are going to expire, and more. You’re always in the loop, from invoice submission through to payment, without ever having to make a call to your payer’s AP team.

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Tax & Regulatory

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Payment Reconciliation
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