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The Risk Module to Proactively Prevent Fraud with Detailed Payee Monitoring

Tipalti’s time savings on payables processes are a huge benefit, but we’re also seeing a reduction in fraud risk. We’re notified of potential fraudsters during the onboarding process and prior to payment, allowing us to investigate proactively before payments go out.

Wendy Welfelt, Director of Finance and Accounting, mobileFUSED

Tipalti Detect monitors activity for all of your payees and performs in-depth risk checks to flag suspicious activity, such as payees with past blocked behavior and multiple accounts, giving you more peace of mind while improving your network quality.

Mitigate Exposure with Integrated Fraud Management

Because Tipalti manages the end-to-end supplier payments operation, we’re able to track a wide variety of relevant datapoints – contact details, account numbers, emails, and payments – to proactively uncover patterns that help identify potential fraudsters in your network. With more than 7,400 payees blocked and $4 million in potential savings, Detect cuts the risk without any additional work required from you.

Proactively Protect with Thorough Risk Checks

Tipalti Detect uses current and historical information on all of your payees to perform risk checks that determine if a payee is related to other blocked or suspended payees, or if there are multiple accounts with the same payment method details, SSN, EIN, email (for PayPal users), address, company, name, or phone number. It’s complete risk tracking built in to augment your fraud protection programs.

Review & Resolve Cases to Keep Your Network Top-Quality

If there is a risk match on a payee or payment, Tipalti Detect automatically opens a case and notifies your finance team users with the appropriate permissions, who can then review the case details and determine the next course of action from the Tipalti AP Hub. Filters make it easy to drill into cases and easily identify risk triggers so you can investigate quickly and efficiently.

Maintain Records of Suspicious Activities & Actions

Audit trail and notes keep logs of case records, so you know who reviewed a case, when, what the outcome was, and why. You can also generate detailed payee reports to get insights on why a payee is blocked and what stage of risk review the payee is in. Get the visibility you need to stop fraudsters prior to making a payout, saving you money.


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