Early Payments

Generate Income for Your Business and Cut the Costs of Running Accounts Payable with Supply Chain Financing

Tipalti’s early payment capabilities offer your suppliers immediate payment processing in exchange for a discount:

  • Generate Revenue for Your Business
  • Fully Automated Negotiation and Offer
  • No Payer Interaction Required
  • Payers Still Pay on Standard Terms
  • Enterprise-Grade Financial Controls

Tipalti Early Payments is the perfect competitive differentiator. We can pay our partners faster, their onboarding and management is frictionless, and it directly generates revenue to reinvest back into our business.

Chris Brownridge, Co-Founder and CEO, GawkBox

With early payments built right into Tipalti’s accounts payable process, the effort to set up supply-chain finance is eliminated. In a matter of clicks, suppliers can elect to receive funds quicker for a small discount. Finance teams receive a referral fee on every dollar paid early, transforming AP from a cost center to “AP free” or even a profit center.

Drive Real Revenue from AP with Supplier Side Financing

Tipalti’s end-to-end AP platform makes offering early payments and supplier side financing easy and frictionless – from supplier opt-in with a single click to automatic same-day payment processing. By automating supplier onboarding and invoice collection, approvals are expedited, making revenue from early payment offers a reality to improve margins. AP can also consider longer payment terms, while providing an option for suppliers who want to get paid faster.

Specify Eligible Payees and Percentages

With Tipalti, you have full control over which suppliers to extend early payment offers to, when to offer them, and how much of the payment is eligible. With the ability to enable early payments for all suppliers in mass or per payee, it’s the flexibility you need to get started with a supply chain finance solution today.

Experience Dynamic Discounting Intelligence at the Core

Early payments can be extended to any type of supplier and can be paid in US or global ACH, check, or wire. As long as the invoice has a due date, Tipalti dynamically calculates the offer on the back-end. And for mass payouts to freelancers, publishers, suppliers, and other payees, you just provide the scheduled payment date on the upload file and Tipalti handles the rest.

Accept Early Payment Offers with a Click

Tipalti automatically notifies suppliers they have an early payment offer through Tipalti’s white-labeled supplier portal and email notifications. If the supplier doesn’t accept the offer that day, Tipalti calculates the new payment amount based on the number of days early the supplier is paid. Once suppliers accept the offer, payment is remitted that same day. It’s dynamic discounting without the hassles of manual maintenance.

Offer Early Payments with No Change in Working Capital

Tipalti’s financing partners cover the early payment balances, so you don’t need to use your company’s cash. Payments are remitted the day the supplier accepts the offer, and on the original invoice due date or payment run, payments are automatically routed from your Tipalti virtual account to the financing partner. Referral fees earned from all early payment offers are applied as a credit to your monthly Tipalti fees. You’re not burdened by lengthy contracts and paperwork; our compliance program does that work for you.

Make Supplier Finance Programs Easy

With Tipalti, the entire early payments process is frictionless – there aren’t any high labor requirements to onboard and support suppliers, and we pay you when you offer early payments to your payees. You’ll reap the benefits of better supplier relationships by offering them faster access to cash, while saving time and paperwork from one-off early payment agreements with high-value suppliers.


Early Payments - From Fantasy to Reality

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