ERP Integration

Tipalti provides direct integration to several accounting and performance management systems. This removes any friction involved in paying partners and suppliers and dramatically streamlines the payment reconciliation process. In addition, we provide an API to retrieve supplier payment data for real-time integrations to any ERP or accounting platform.

Certified ERP / Accounting Systems

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems and accounting systems provide the backbone operational tracking for many organizations. Systems fully supported by Tipalti include the ability to feed Tipalti payment status data back into the accounting and invoicing system or in some cases actually execute and approve payments from within the system.

In addition, Tipalti has provided integration assistance with several other ERP systems such as Oracle and Xero. To see how we can connect your data to drive payment automation, contact us.

Performance Management Systems

These systems are employed in the unique world of digital advertising media to maintain and provide transparent accounting with publishers, creators, and affiliates.

Become a Partner

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