Global Advertising Industry Publisher Payments

Those in the advertising industry work with hundreds of publishers within a single month. With a large volume of payees, it may be difficult at times for the finance department to maintain accurate records and process on time payments. Thankfully, contemporary, enterprise-class software solutions, simplify the mass payment process, dramatically reducing time and effort.


If you are sending wire and Global-ACH payments to publishers all over the world, you probably have to deal with multiple banks and currencies, while keeping track of banking and tax regulations. With a streamlined process, these multiple payments are taken care of for you. Through integrated software, publishers choose the type of payment they receive. You simply make one aggregated deposit to your bank account, which is divided and sent to each publisher on your behalf.

Recorded Data

With integrated reporting, you can see all your sent payments, as well as, detailed information about each one, with just a few clicks. It is no longer necessary to call each bank or access many websites, wondering if the payment was made. Records can be viewed for any and all previous payments. Your payees can also use the integrated software to check the status of their funds so they know when the money will be delivered. Whether it is a wire transfer, check, Global-ACH, or any other method, you no longer need to worry about each individual payment, as all are handled automatically.

Fraud Prevention

Integrated mass-payment solution can also scan your publisher database to identify the presence of previously detected fraudulent publishers trying to sneak their way back into your network using identities. Such activity can cost you thousands of dollars in each payment cycle.


In a few simple steps, you can streamline your publisher payment process, detected fraudulent activity, and maintain tax and regulatory compliance.

Your finance department and accounting staff will enjoy a less stressful work environment and will no longer be consumed with minute details.