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How Digital-First, Hyper-Growth Businesses Scale Payables

One goal for every serious digital-first business is to streamline to scale. These businesses are often multi-sided - external partners make up much of their offering. Whether they’re content creators, influencers, gig workers, or suppliers,…

Global Publisher and Affiliate Payment Satisfaction for AdTech and Media

Differentiation is essential when competing against the plethora of networks out there. Publishers have options, so it’s not just about growing your network, but maintaining or enhancing the relationships with the high caliber people already in……

How Hyper-Growth Networks Solve Publisher Payments

AdTech remains one of the most critical enablers for internet commerce and digital media, and publisher payments an essential component of AdTech. So, what are networks doing to optimize their results, and how are they using their payments as a…

cross border payments

Demystifying Cross-Border Payments

Managing multiple payment methods (ACH, wire, eCheck, PayPal, etc.) and currencies for cross-border payments can be extremely complex. The answer to developing a scalable payables strategy involves two technologies that streamline the ends of the…

Partner Onboarding

In the new white paper Partner Onboarding: Streamlining Partner Adoption, we discuss how to create an efficient and scalable process that can save time, money, and endless frustration.

Scaling Global Digital Media Networks

Four benefits to streamlining publisher and affiliate payments for advertising, monetization, and affiliate networks and eight signs your network has a payment issue.

Mergers & Acquisitions Finance Strategies for Ad-Tech & Media

Merger and acquisition activity in media and ad-tech during 2018 will likely continue as larger entities expand their audience footprint. But you don't have to be involved in a multi-billion-dollar acquisition to be complex.

Whitelabeling Payee Experience

Why a Whitelabeled Payee Experience Is Awesome and Important

Payment detail collection is a challenge to those in the digital economy (ad tech, marketplaces, ecommerce). When it's time to collect partner payment details during onboarding, you kick them over to a third-party payment processor site and break…

Why Early Payments Matter to Publishers, Writers, and Creators

it’s preposterous not to pay providers on time. Onboarding and paying partners should literally take a few minutes a day. ♞ Learn the Strategy.

How Chartboost Helps Their Publishers Manage Payment Options

Monetization ad network demonstrates the importance of communicating with publishers about payment options and processes

Global Payment Methods: An Important Foundation for Affiliates

While one country may allow for an affiliate to receive wire transfer, another may only allow for affiliates to receive payment via check. Now, consider how many countries there are in the world where affiliate networks may have to make payments.