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Payoneer vs. Hyperwallet vs. Tipalti: Scaling Mass Payments in the Digital Economy

When shopping for a mass payment processor, businesses often compare Payoneer, Hyperwallet and Tipalti. Let’s take a closer look at the features of these platforms and how they meet the needs of companies in the digital economy and their capacity to…

Best Ways to Make Commission Payments to Affiliates and Influencers

Affiliate commission payments are more than the dollar amount. A successful affiliate marketing program uses streamlined businesses processes to build and maintain publisher relationships. A mass payment platform empowers managers to take on the…

Building an Affiliate Program for Your E-commerce Business

While there are numerous affiliate networks that might fit your offer, e-commerce companies may also look to create an in-house program.

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Choosing the Payment Method for Each Affiliate

For affiliate payments, especially globally, there is a staggering range of combinations that are optimal for each transaction.

Affiliate Payments – Why They Matter

Affiliate payments, particularly the quality and efficiency of their payment experience, drive affiliate loyalty to or their attrition from that network.

Happy Affiliates Are Paid Affiliates

Due to the fact that many online merchants depend on their affiliate network to bring in the traffic, it only makes sense that merchants need to keep their affiliate networks happy.

Common Fraud Techniques Used in Affiliate and Advertisement Networks

Let’s take a look at a few common forms of fraud affecting both affiliate and advertisement networks today.

Affiliate Payments: Increase Your Profit

There are those who use affiliate programs as one method to push traffic to their website. Then, there are those who rely on it. This second group of people sends more affiliate payments monthly, but also receives higher levels of traffic and…

Affiliate Program & App Monetization

While many associate affiliate programs with retail websites, these are also beneficial toward app monetization.

Types of Affiliate Payments

Some people use affiliate payments as a way to profit; however, it is really a tool that can help business growth. Users can write content and then link it to your products so their readers are directly sent to your webpage.