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Payment Rails: Banking Rails for Global Commerce 1

Payment Rails: Banking Rails for Global Commerce

In the simplest possible terms, a payment rail is any form of digital infrastructure that transfers money from one individual or business to another. The fintech community refers to payment rails as being on “the far side” of a payment……

guide to NetSuite Modules

The Ultimate Guide to NetSuite Modules

NetSuite ERP and NetSuite CRM are very useful, every company has unique needs and these two packages are often not enough by themselves to satisfy every need that companies have. For this reason, NetSuite offers modules which contain software to…

global payments processing

Important Things to Know About Global Payments Processing

It is essential to look for a global payments processor that supports a vast range of localized payment methods. Keep reading to learn more about various aspects of global payment processing.

international money transfer

5 Things to Know Before Making an International Money Transfer

Did you know that you can make an international payment using a local bank transfer? Keep reading to learn how to deploy an efficient international money transfer process.

make global sepa payments

SEPA Payments

Choosing a global payment platform that automates cross-border transactions can improve your bottom line, enhance compliance, and simplify your ability to get funds to your suppliers on time, every time. Keep reading to learn more how making SEPA…

cross border payments

Demystifying Cross-Border Payments

Managing multiple payment methods (ACH, wire, eCheck, PayPal, etc.) and currencies for cross-border payments can be extremely complex. The answer to developing a scalable payables strategy involves two technologies that streamline the ends of the…

International Wire Transfers

International Wire Transfers: 3 Factors to Consider

If you need to get money to the destination bank account, then there is a clear winner: international wire transfer. Typically, funds sent through an international wire transfer only takes two days to arrive because you’re sending the money directly…


Echecks: What You Need to Know for About Global B2B Payments

Echecks, a bank transfer payment method is able to issue remittances quickly and accurately. When issuing payments to international vendors or suppliers, companies are not limited to the manual process of paper checks or expensive wire transfers.

global payment methods

Global Payments Methods: 4 Popular Types of ePayment

Need to make global payments to partners or suppliers? ACH, wire transfer, PayPal, and local bank transfer are all popular global payment methods.

Global Payout

Global Payouts

Learn about how global payouts are used to automate global mass payments to partners, suppliers, publishers, and freelancers. Global payouts beyond PayPal.

Global ACH or IAT Transactions 2

Global ACH or IAT Transactions

“Global ACH” or IAT transactions are the direct deposit of funds into a cross-border bank account through that country’s clearing mechanism.

Global ACH Terms

When you deal with Global ACH payments, different terms arise on your statements. There may be names tossed around in discussions, as well.

Safety with Global ACH Payments

Global ACH payments are currently utilized, now, more than ever before. This has increased the need for trusted and secure sources, as the number scammers have also risen. There are now more effective and efficient methods to ensure your mass…

Local Bank Transfers or International Bank Transfers

Local bank transfers are also known as an international ACH, Global ACH or eCheck.