Payables Nation Roadshow—New York—Foursquare and Zola

Tipalti took its Payables Nation Roadshow to New York where we caught up with Mich McGrath, Finance & Accounting Manager at Foursquare, and Shayon Donaldson, Accounts Payable Manager at Zola.

cross border payments

Demystifying Cross-Border Payments

Managing multiple payment methods (ACH, wire, eCheck, PayPal, etc.) and currencies for cross-border payments can be extremely complex. The answer to developing a scalable payables strategy involves two technologies that streamline the ends of the…

Global Marketplace and Gig Economy Payment Satisfaction

To better understand these challenges, Tipalti surveyed gig economy freelancers of various types around the world and asked about their payment concerns, the hurdles they face working with different marketplaces, and how these things affect their…

Partner Onboarding

In the new white paper Partner Onboarding: Streamlining Partner Adoption, we discuss how to create an efficient and scalable process that can save time, money, and endless frustration.

Online Marketplace Playbook

See real-world examples of how finance departments in the online marketplace space are scaling their global payment operations to improve efficiencies, decrease risk, and enhance freelancer and supplier relationships -- and in doing so making a…

Ecommerce Playbook

Competition within the e-commerce landscape has only intensified over the last few years. In order to just stay with the pack, organizations must continually look for ways to differentiate themselves, but how can they get ahead? Learn best practices…

Scaling Global Service and Supply Networks

The need to compensate the global stream of service providers and online marketplace suppliers is foundational to establishing a loyal, growth-oriented, motivated network.

Freelancer Payments

Freelancer Payments

How does the onboarding of freelancers affect your accounts payable workflow? Paying a freelancer is essentially making a supplier payment. A quick onboarding process enables your freelancer to immediately provide contracted services, but it should…

Video: Payables Nation Roadshow Panel, Palo Alto

Tipalti hosted the first stop of the Payables Nation: Finance Transformation Tour in Palo Alto featuring Docker Controller, Dash Victor and SmartShoot Head of Finance, John Pfeister. This is the full video of the panel session.

Whitelabeling Payee Experience

Why a Whitelabeled Payee Experience Is Awesome and Important

Payment detail collection is a challenge to those in the digital economy (ad tech, marketplaces, ecommerce). When it's time to collect partner payment details during onboarding, you kick them over to a third-party payment processor site and break…

online marketplace partner payments

Online Marketplace Payments

Making online marketplace payments to partners and contributors (freelancers, designers, vendors, writers, crowd, etc.) ♞ Learn the strategy

Why Early Payments Matter to Publishers, Writers, and Creators

it’s preposterous not to pay providers on time. Onboarding and paying partners should literally take a few minutes a day. ♞ Learn the Strategy.