Global Payment Method Guide Download

This report compares the benefits and drawbacks of the most common payment methods used for cross-border remittance including global ACH, wire transfer, Paypal, paper checks, and prepaid cards.

Signs You’ve Reached PayPal’s Tipping Point

At some point, your company will outgrow PayPal. How do you know when it’s time to add other payment methods to the mix?

Levvel Research Global Payables Report

A new independent study carried out by research and analyst firm Levvel Research and commissioned by Tipalti, the leading global payables automation platform, found that the most common practices for managing cross-border payments are neither the…

cross border payments

Demystifying Cross-Border Payments

Managing multiple payment methods (ACH, wire, eCheck, PayPal, etc.) and currencies for cross-border payments can be extremely complex. The answer to developing a scalable payables strategy involves two technologies that streamline the ends of the…

Global Payment Methods Guide

For the first time ever, a single corporation can connect digitally with thousands of suppliers — and in mere clicks — actualize the promise of early payments.

Partner Onboarding

In the new white paper Partner Onboarding: Streamlining Partner Adoption, we discuss how to create an efficient and scalable process that can save time, money, and endless frustration.

Gatepoint Report: State of Supplier Payment Operations

Gatepoint Research recently produced a report summarizing findings from surveying over 100 senior level finance and accounting executives in the US. The survey identifies key trends around supplier payments.

Stopping Payments Fraud with AP Automation Financial Controls

See the results of the 2017 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey and discover the keys to diagnosing the causes of payment fraud

IOFM: Early Payments: How Organizations Can Become “AP Free”

Early payments can be a win-win for both your AP department and suppliers. By offering your suppliers an early payment option, you strengthen your supplier relationships by improving their cash flow, while you generate revenue from those early…

PayStream: Mastering Cross-Border Supplier Payments

PayStream Advisors recently surveyed professionals across over 400 organizations about how they are handling their global supplier payments processes.

Rx for Global Payment Pains

An in-depth, unparalleled look at the global payment issues small and mid-sized companies face including executing hundreds or thousands of payment transactions a month and successfully maneuvering the tax and legal minefield.

The Holy Grail of Accounts Payable

Paystream Advisors White Paper on achieving truly holistic AP automation to gain new levels of efficiency, global scalability, and success.

Freelancer Payments

Freelancer Payments

How does the onboarding of freelancers affect your accounts payable workflow? Paying a freelancer is essentially making a supplier payment. A quick onboarding process enables your freelancer to immediately provide contracted services, but it should…

International Wire Transfers

International Wire Transfers: 3 Factors to Consider

If you need to get money to the destination bank account, then there is a clear winner: international wire transfer. Typically, funds sent through an international wire transfer only takes two days to arrive because you’re sending the money directly…

tax compliance risk payoneer

Avoiding the Tax Compliance Risks when Remitting with Prepaid Debit Cards and Ewallets

♞ Global tax compliance risks when paying with eWallets and prepaid debit cards (e.g. Payoneer and PayPal) and protecting your network or marketplace

PayPal Mass Payment Complexity

Mass Payments Beyond PayPal

Here are 9 signs that your network may be outgrowing the mass payments capabilities of PayPal Payouts for Mass Pay or other e-wallets

Payment API


Learn about the limitations of a bank ACH API to transfer ACH and wire payments. Tipalti's API automates mass ACH payments without an ACH API.

Global ACH or IAT Transactions

“Global ACH” or IAT transactions are the direct deposit of funds into a cross-border bank account through that country’s clearing mechanism.

Global Payment Methods: An Important Foundation for Affiliates

While one country may allow for an affiliate to receive wire transfer, another may only allow for affiliates to receive payment via check. Now, consider how many countries there are in the world where affiliate networks may have to make payments.