How Digital-First, Hyper-Growth Businesses Scale Payables

One goal for every serious digital-first business is to streamline to scale. These businesses are often multi-sided - external partners make up much of their offering. Whether they’re content creators, influencers, gig workers, or suppliers,…

Global Publisher and Affiliate Payment Satisfaction for AdTech and Media

Differentiation is essential when competing against the plethora of networks out there. Publishers have options, so it’s not just about growing your network, but maintaining or enhancing the relationships with the high caliber people already in……

AP automation

Five Signs You're Ready for an AP Transformation

As businesses grow, processes that once worked can become cumbersome and inefficient. Determining when to update processes is difficult given the many priorities finance juggles.

cross border payments

Demystifying Cross-Border Payments

Managing multiple payment methods (ACH, wire, eCheck, PayPal, etc.) and currencies for cross-border payments can be extremely complex. The answer to developing a scalable payables strategy involves two technologies that streamline the ends of the…

Going Global Report 2018

Over 500 decision-makers at mid-sized U.S. businesses were asked about the challenges they are experiencing in their drive for international expansion. Hear what your peers have to say about GDPR, Brexit, FATCA, NAFTA, and trade.

Global Nexus - International Expansion Insight Report

For many companies, overseas expansion is no longer a choice; it’s an essential part of the game plan. Recognizing this as an increasingly common challenge, the Global Nexus Club gathered a group of executives from leading digital companies to share…

Global Marketplace and Gig Economy Payment Satisfaction

To better understand these challenges, Tipalti surveyed gig economy freelancers of various types around the world and asked about their payment concerns, the hurdles they face working with different marketplaces, and how these things affect their…

Gatepoint Report: State of Supplier Payment Operations

Gatepoint Research recently produced a report summarizing findings from surveying over 100 senior level finance and accounting executives in the US. The survey identifies key trends around supplier payments.

Global Nexus: Preventing Fraud in the Digital Economy

Fraud runs rampant in the digital economy. Whether the fraudsters are external or internal, it’s essential that your payments organization quickly resolves issues and, most importantly, prevents future occurrences.

PayStream: Mastering Cross-Border Supplier Payments

PayStream Advisors recently surveyed professionals across over 400 organizations about how they are handling their global supplier payments processes.

Global Nexus: Scaling in the Digital Economy

Leading digital economy executives reveal how they are managing and globalizing their supplier payment operations for scale

PayStream: Supplier Information Management Report

To determine the current state and future trends of Supplier Information Management, leading AP analyst firm PayStream Advisors surveyed individuals on their supplier management activities.