AP Automation: Cut Chaos, Not Corners 

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AP Automation Features

From Manual to Modern

With our end-to-end automation capabilities, AP automation processes aren’t just manageable; they’re seamless—from self-service supplier onboarding and automated invoice management to fast global payments.

invoice management

Automated Invoice Management

Manual processes and data entry are time-consuming and prone to errors. Our automated invoice processing uses AI to capture accurate invoice details, match them to POs, route for approval, and avoid duplicate bills.

Self-Service Supplier Management 

Our multi-language, self-service supplier onboarding means you’ll capture accurate supplier details, reduce status inquiries, and gain complete visibility. 

self service supplier management
Built in tax compliance

Built-In Tax Compliance

With our KPMG-approved tax engine, you’re always up-to-date with US tax laws. Instantly capture supplier tax information and validate against 3,000+ US and global rules to reduce errors.

Two and Three-Way PO Matching

Say farewell to overpayments. Two and three-way PO matching slashes waste, eliminates fraud, saves time, reduces bottlenecks, and ensures you’re audit-ready. 

Two and three-way PO matching
Fast payments across 196 countries

Lightning-Fast Payments

Quick and easy payments across 196 countries in 120 currencies and 50+ different payment methods. Proactively eliminate payment errors with 26,000+ built-in rules.

Payment Reconciliation 

Close your books 25% faster by integrating real-time, accurate spend data integrated with your ERP.

Expenses and Reimbursements

Review, approve, and reconcile expenses—and quickly reimburse employees globally—in one platform that scales with you.

Corporate Cards

An employee-friendly and powerful solution to manage and reconcile physical and virtual corporate card spend.

Platform Features

Work smarter, not harder

With AI and machine learning capabilities, an intuitive UX, and quick and easy global payments, you can drive unprecedented efficiency.

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Features Tipalti BILL Concur Stampli
Supplier Management
learn more Branded self-service onboarding, payment validations, supplier payment choice and visibility
feature included Limited functionality feature not included Limited functionality
Invoice Management
learn more AI-based OCR, managed services, predictive GL coding and approval routing, advanced PO matching
feature included Limited functionality Limited functionality Limited functionality
Tax and Regulatory Compliance
learn more Digitally collect and validate tax details, TIN validations, prep reports, automatic withholdings and eFiling
feature included Limited functionality feature not included feature not included
Payments Network
learn more Pay to 196 countries in +120 currencies via 50+ methods. Globally licensed, bluechip bank partners, fraud protection
feature included Limited functionality Limited functionality Limited functionality
FX Solution
learn more Seamlessly convert currencies, manage intercompany bank transfers, and hedge FX risks
feature included feature not included feature not included Limited functionality
learn more Manage multiple entities with different payables workflows, consolidated view
feature included feature not included Limited functionality Limited functionality
Reconciliation and Reporting
learn more Fully managed in-house API and file-based integrations with leading ERPs, instant payables reconciliation
feature included Limited functionality Limited functionality Limited functionality
learn more Dynamic intake, approval workflow integrations, budget visibility, PO creation, contract management
feature included feature not included Limited functionality feature not included
learn more Manage virtual and physical cards with spend controls, earn cash back, and integrate existing card programs
feature included Limited functionality Limited functionality feature included
Expense Management
learn more Configurable policies, mobile expense submission and approval, global reimbursements, automatic reconciliation
feature included feature included feature included Limited functionality


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AP Automation FAQs

What is AP automation?

Accounts payable automation (AP automation) involves using software to automate common vendor invoice tasks. It facilitates manual tasks for the payable department and allows for paperless document management, invoice processing, PO matching, and payment reconciliation.

Traditional accounts payable teams are burdened by overhead, manual data entry, and inefficiencies. An AP system allows teams to scale without adding more staff, gain better visibility into financial data, and achieve financial close-up to 25% faster.

Accounts payable software is a more affordable, flexible, and easier solution than accounts payable outsourcing.

How does AP software work?

AP software optimizes the accounts payable process in key areas where manual labor is causing inefficiencies, such as invoice processing, mass payments, data entry, price matching, and more.

The first step in invoice automation is data capture. An AP automation solution extracts all invoice data and automatically compares the line items with the purchase order information that is synced in your system, which is called PO matching. This can also be done with other documents like inspection reports and shipping receipts.

It then routes the invoice to the correct approvers. Once approved, the software sends invoice data to an integrated ERP system while archiving data from digital documents, paper invoices, and audit trails. 

AP automation has many benefits. When automation software is used, accounts payable teams can reduce costs, eliminate routine tasks, and provide better visibility and control over financial data. It also facilitates cash flow and leads to early payment discounts.

How does automation software help AP teams scale?

If you seek to scale your AP team, automation is the next step. It’s an efficient tool for any modern CFO. AP software helps teams grow through automated invoice processing, cost savings, streamlined approval routing, stronger vendor relationships, reduced risk, and complete integration.

Automation means you always pay on time, at the right time, every time. It solidifies supplier relationships, streamlines transactions, and keeps partnerships intact. This type of system will also help avoid late payment fees.

How much does AP software typically cost?

The cost of AP automation software depends on the tasks your business needs to perform and how you plan to automate accounts. The best AP automation software offers the following modules:

  1. Scan and Archive: A document management system with invoice capture.
  2. Archival and Auto-Matching: This includes internal controls for AP, such as front-end processing and approval workflows. For this type of system, associated spend will include the annual license fee and related support costs, which include:
    1. Bi-directional integration
    2. Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
    3. Business intelligence 
    4. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  3. Cloud-based Automation: In cloud-based AP automation, all infrastructure investments are made in the cloud, and the cost is shared. Usually, providers of this approach charge on a transactional basis instead of the license model. 
How much can a business save with Accounts Payable automation?

According to Tipalti’s Invoice Processing & Payment Cost Calculator, automated processing can save a business an average of $14.93 per invoice compared to companies that manually process their invoices. 

Additionally, you can try Tipalti’s Payment Error Cost Calculator to help calculate costs due to errors.

How does AP software handle tax compliance?

Accounts Payable (AP) software help companies manage their bills and payments efficiently, especially when it comes to tax compliance. AP software includes features and functionalities that address tax-related requirements in an accurate and timely manner.

Tipalti’s tax solution helps your company comply with IRS tax provisions and simplifies the AP process. Our guided tax form wizard assists suppliers in choosing the correct form based on the country and business structure. 

For non-US payers, local and VAT tax ID collection is available. If the foreign entity comes from a country with a U.S. tax treaty, they can fill out and submit a W-8BEN-E form.

Tipalti facilitates IRS AP tax compliance with KPMG-approved tax form data validation and withholding calculations.

How does AP automation software integrate with ERP systems?

ERP system integrations are largely built around identifying back-end processes that can be streamlined with AP automation. Tipalti has pre-built integrations to connect to popular systems like Sage Intacct, NetSuite, QuickBooks Online, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Xero and Acumatica.

The Tipalti platform syncs bill and payment data in real-time, accelerating the reconciliation process. The level of integration is always dependent on your needs and workflow.

How does AP automation help the approval process?

Automation helps to reduce the AP portion of procure-to-pay cycle time. It’s a best practice for improving the AP workflow. It skips the endless approver follow-up that happens with manual invoice processing and eases the labor workload.

The system automatically verifies vendors and validates invoices. It then forwards the approval request to the right person in the organization, completely automating the AP invoice approval process.

The invoice is automatically matched to the electronic purchase order in a two-way approval. Three-way approval requires those documents, plus a receiving report as the third item.

Does AP automation software improve supplier relationships?

AP automation improves global supplier management in a variety of ways. It immediately alerts merchants when invoices have been paid. Real-time status updates can be sent via email when something is not paid.

An automated AP accounting system can also be used for vendor management and compliance, collecting tax data for VAT, W-8, and W-9’s.

AP automation software forges stronger supplier relationships, and when a situation demands increased support or supply, vendors will be willing to go above and beyond to meet your needs.

How can automation improve the structure of an AP department?

Accounts payable automation software improves the structure of an AP department by separating duties both inside and outside of the team. 

Proper segregation of AP duties is a requirement for solid internal controls. Other objectives include preventing fraud, matching responsibilities, and redefining roles to accommodate automation.  

How does automated payment reconciliation work?

Automatic payment reconciliation enables a business to upload an electronic version of a bank statement and automatically reconcile it. The bank provides the e-version using “matching rules” that are designated in the system. 

A business can speed up financial close with features like drill-down filters, transaction level details, ERP synchronization, and real-time integrated reports.

Remittance results across all payment methods, entities, and geographies are instantly normalized and built into deep reporting. This leads to faster and more accurate reconciliation and general ledger reporting.

How does B2B payment processing work with AP automation software?

AP software improves oversight with a full view of B2B payment cycles and the analysis of accounts payable metrics. This is what makes AP software especially critical for operations for a small business.

When it comes to B2B payments, ACH transfers are the leading form of payment. Every year, check remittances steadily decrease while wire transfers are on the rise.

Can AP automation software find duplicate payments?

When selecting the best accounts payable software, look for a system that finds duplicate payments.

Tipalti has built-in financial controls and artificial intelligence to identify duplicate invoices in your accounts payable workflow. Our system checks from when the invoice is uploaded to when it’s approved, even communicating with integrated systems. When a potential duplicate is found, the system will notify the user with an urgent notification.