Tipalti’s accounts payable software is used by many digital brands for crowdsourcing payments. Crowdsourcing is a term that gets thrown around frequently by marketing specialists and internet gurus, but do you know what types of crowdsourcing you can use for your business? Here are three examples:

Crate Ads

Google Adwords and other PPC campaigns can not only bring you traffic and customers, but also give you great insights about your demographic and website.  Of course, you need the time to maintain the ad and optimize it as it attracts clicks.  This is best left to people experienced in SEO, sales, and internet marketing.  Companies like Trada, for instance, have experts who know how to tweak your ads to optimize their performance.

Graphic Design

Although you might have good ideas for marketing materials and other types of media, you may not have the design skills to get them done professionally.  You can outsource your graphic design projects through companies like MycroBurst.  Through them, you can get bids and concepts from designers around the world.  Either way, your finished product should be well worth the cost.


If your business operates worldwide, which is the case for many online companies, you will need access to a decent translator. Translators ensure your blogs, company information and product descriptions are readable in every language your customers use. You can crowdsource this information through sites such as MyGenGo, where you can pay translators to translate your pages.