Track Your Campaign through the Cloud

The development of the Cloud has offered business owners a plethora of benefits: more storage space, easy back up, and accessibility. It also ensures that your campaign and payments are easily tracked.


Like other programs that function through the Cloud, your campaign will be available anywhere. Whether you are at the office, home, or on the go, you can log in to view results.  You no longer have to sit at your desk waiting to confirm the Global ACH payment went through; you can check anywhere, anytime.


Unlike other campaign tracking programs, the Cloud gives you real-time results. This ensures that your office is up-to-the-minute in knowing when mass payments have been sent and received. Clients will not need to wait hours after making a payment for you to see it has gone through; you will immediately know. This keeps your business more efficient.


Along with real-time results and accessibility from anywhere, the Cloud makes your overall company more efficient. Normally at the end of the month, you spend time writing checks, contacting banks, and focusing on other internal reconciliations. Instead, this extra work is handled for you. You have the ability to customize your campaign so that the end of the month isn’t a stressful time anymore.

When you use the Cloud to track your campaign, you create a much more efficient business. With real-time updating, your employees can finish their work faster and focus on other tasks at hand. A more efficient business has a higher rate of satisfied clients, as well, resulting in more business and profits.