You’ve hired a few marketing specialists to help you promote your company, putting monthly affiliate payments in your budget to get your business off the ground. If you are thinking about creating a few ads to help your affiliates boost your business, find out which of these options could be best for you.

In-App Product Placement

Movies and TV shows already use this technique to make money from ad sales. The idea is to make the product part of the scene, advertising it in a way that is subtle for your target audience. In the app monetization world, these ads are incorporated directly into apps, especially game apps, through props in the app.

In-App Purchases

If you set up a payout platform  that can handle mass payments first, an effective way to advertise your company is to offer specials in apps for your products. For example, if you have an app, you can give it to your customers for free, but ask that they purchase advanced versions of the app or certain extras within the app. Another way to make use of in-app purchase ads is to package your products with an app, where a customer receives a sample of your product in exchange for buying the app.

Pay to Play Ads

These ads most closely resemble traditional print and television ads in that you are not trying to hide the fact that it is an advertisement. The concept behind these ads is to run them as the customer uses the app. For example, if a customer plays through a level on a game app, your advertisement would pop up. You can also ask app users to watch your ad in exchange for bonuses, such as extra game points, in the app.