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Executive Summary: KPMG on AP Tax Compliance

Laurie Hatten-Boyd, Principal at KPMG LLP, shared her insights on the impact of US tax compliance rules for companies paying their global suppliers. In this summary of her one-hour webinar, Hatten-Boyd explains how FATCA requirements impact organizations with a global supplier base and the legal and financial penalties they may face for non-compliance.

Read the executive summary to get the must-have takeaways from the webinar.

  • An overview of US tax rules for companies paying global suppliers, including FATCA requirements
  • Steps your organization can take to avoid legal and financial penalties
  • How to ensure your payees select the correct form based on their country and corporate structure
  • How to determine which payees require tax withholding by treaty
  • The basics around end-of-year 1099/1042-S tax reporting

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