A.Team Scales Globally as It
Creates a Space for ‘Builders’

  • Focused limited team resources on growth versus admin tasks
  • Scaled global payments to builders in 40 countries
  • Streamlined builder onboarding process with tax compliance


A.Team is a members-only network that provides crucial resources for forward-thinking businesses. By pioneering the builder economy, A.Team is changing industry standards and leveraging top-level talent in product, engineering, design, and marketing – a network of ‘Builders’.

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Independent Builders

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Scaling Globally
through Automation

Designed to help high-performing companies accelerate product development by building elite teams, A.Team is focused on finding the right technology solutions for its growing business.

Our talent network is global…we pride ourselves on having the best of the best around the globe. Depending on where our clients are, we can match them with people in their actual country or location.

Christopher Gonzales | Head of Finance, A.Team

Prioritizing the
Partner Experience

As A.Team grew into a global network, they wanted their builders to have an easy onboarding experience. A.Team knew the importance of a user-friendly system and wanted their payouts process to be just as transformative.

  • Quick Contractor Payments
  • Branded Onboarding
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Experience that Attracts and RetainsTalent

Fast, Accurate
Global Payouts

Additionally, A.Team was looking for a technology solution that automated tax compliance, offered multiple payment methods, and would allow them to pay their global builders in their respective currencies. With a fast-growing network, they wanted a reliable technology partner that would help increase builder satisfaction.

We’re a new company. There is a trust barrier that needs to be crossed for many folks to transact with us.

Christopher Gonzales | Head of Finance, A.Team

The Right
Technology Solution

By implementing Tipalti, A.Team was able to deliver a sophisticated and refined user experience for their builders.

  • Deployed Quick and Efficient Partner Payments
  • Implemented Seamless Partner Onboarding
  • Automated Tax Form Collection and Validation

A Lean and Efficient Team

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With automated financial controls and operations, A.Team was able to re-direct its resources to the company goals that truly mattered—while not sacrificing any strategic objectives.

There appears no end to how far Tipalti can scale with us, and it’s allowed us to focus our limited resources on growing the business instead of administrative and AP tasks. Other digital marketplaces have far less complexity with a lot more administrative work because we didn’t have a solution like Tipalti implemented.

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Christopher Gonzales | Head of Finance, A.Team

Build an A.Team to Solve Anything

Now that A.Team has optimized its payments function, the network has implemented “Guaranteed On Time Payments” for its builders. They’re creating a new builder economy that transforms how people work and companies build.

Deliver Effortless Partner Payments