Create Music Group Keeps Artists Independent with the Fastest Payments in the Industry

  • Saved time by eliminating 36 days of payments work annually
  • Implemented a custom iFrame for artist onboarding and payments to maintain brand recognition and improve customer loyalty
  • Successfully managed four global entities under one centralized system


Trusted by today’s biggest artists, labels, and brands, Create Music Group is one of the fastest-growing music distribution and publishing companies in the world. Without compromising ownership or creativity, its mission is to maximize opportunities to monetize content—all while maintaining an artist-first approach.

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Record Labels

Technology-Driven Entertainment

With a suite of tools and services that include distribution, publishing, sync licensing, digital rights management, marketing, and recording services, Create Music Group’s innovation and technology department provides data-driven solutions to keep artists and record labels in control of their own work.

We’re the partner artists need for everything—from distribution to marketing and everything else.

Zach Victor | VP of Finance, Create Music Group

Supporting Global Success

As Create Music Group increased its reach and expanded into additional markets, providing worldwide opportunities across four continents meant an increase in royalty payouts to thousands of artists. Plus, they were now bombarded with an influx of manual work as they onboarded and managed new suppliers.

  • Consolidate Operations into a Single System
  • Save Time and Increase Data Accuracy
  • Improve the Onboarding Experience
  • Streamline Artist Communications and Payment Visibility

An Influx of Operational Headaches

For Create Music Group, managing international payouts and a multi-entity accounts payable structure added countless hours to the finance team’s workload. Paying their global community became a friction point that required several different payment methods across various platforms, which took days to process.

Some labels only pay every six months, or at best, quarterly. But we pay monthly. We were still [paying out] every month [and] it was taking the team several days each month to gather all the data, make all the payments, and [then] follow-up.

Zach Victor | VP of Finance, Create Music Group

The Right Technology

Create Music Group was looking for an automated solution that could support multiple payment methods and automatically upload and issue payments. With Tipalti, they found a solution that seamlessly integrated with their ERP, NetSuite, while ensuring optimum data accuracy.

  • Centralized Operations into One Single System
  • Removed Manual Processing and Eliminated Duplicate Payments
  • Implemented a Self-Service, White-Labeled Supplier Portal
  • Improved Artist Communications with Automatic Updates

Faster than the Industry Standard

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With the elimination of manual work and increased operational accuracy, managing payments only takes Create Music Group one hour to complete instead of several days. Additionally, artists receive their payouts on time, without error. The company has succeeded in its mission to pay quickly and efficiently.

We aim to be one of the fastest to pay in the industry. Some labels only pay quarterly or every six months. But we pay monthly. A primary benefit of joining Create is your YouTube money. We pretty much pay it out three days after we receive it.

Zach Victor | VP of Finance, Create Music Group

Music Is Our Passion

Now, Create Music Group can continue to partner with the most influential personalities and musicians and maintain their status at the forefront of the entertainment industry. They can focus on building the Create family by empowering artists and labels across the globe.

Transform the Way Your Finance Team Works