Cybereason Deploys a Custom PO Process Across Multiple Subsidiaries

  • Seamless integrations with NetSuite ERP and two-way sync
  • Flexible and custom PRs that are adapted to their specific company structure
  • Friendly UI with high user adoption

Cybereason is the champion for today’s cyber defenders providing future-ready attack protection that unifies security from the endpoint, to the enterprise, to everywhere the battle moves. The Cybereason Defense Platform combines the industry’s top-rated detection and response and XDR), next-gen anti-virus and proactive threat hunting to deliver context-rich analysis of every element of a Malop operation). The result: defenders can end cyber attacks from endpoints to everywhere. Cybereason is a privately held, international company headquartered in Boston with customers in more than 40 countries.


Users onboarded

5 week



As Cybereason grew at such a fast pace, they quickly came to understand that they needed a proper PO process in place. With seven subsidiaries, Cybereason aimed to implement a singular global unified process that would be more aligned, structured, and easier to manage.

Established in 2013 and headquartered in Boston, Cybereason is growing fast. With seven offices around the world and new hires every month, they are experiencing significant prowth at more than 800 employees strong.

We wanted a global, unified process that could remain flexible and overcome the challenges that come from having different subsidiaries and locations

tomer gamlielle-druyan | vp of global supply management, cybereason

Cybereason’s main procurement challenges were:

1. Struggling to manage multiple subsidiaries

With multiple global subsidiaries, Cybereason needed a way to consolidate their purchasing processes and deploy an easier-to-navigate solution. They needed a tool that their hundreds of users around the world could manage.

2. Having difficulty gaining and maintaining full control over sensitive data

With so many offices and moving parts, Cybereason needed a way to ensure department heads could gain control over the data that was being shared, updated, and plugged into NetSuite. A more unified and structured process would ensure greater visibility across subsidiaries and the ability to make proactive alterations where needed.

3. Aligning their customization requirements with NetSuite ERP

Cybereason’s challenges culminated in the need for a user-friendly interface and easy adoption in their offices around the world.


Key KPIs for Cybereason were fast deployment and the seamless onboarding of all relevant stakeholders. Their VP, Global Supply Management was appointed as the champion to coordinate the project internally, contributing to a and effective turnaround. Both Tipalti and Cybereason were highly committed to the task. Tipalti‘s team provided a pragmatic, structured approach to onboarding, while Cybereason committed to a swift implementation. Ultimately, a frictionless PR to PO process was achieved.

It was important to onboard our many users to a new process quickly, and after seeing Tipalti’s capabilities we knew it was the best solution for us.

tomer gamlielle-druvan | vp of global supply management, cybereason

Cybereason Tips and Recommendations for a Quick Onboarding:

Involve relevant stakeholders in the process as much as possible.

Bringing the right team members on board from the beginning will help the process move faster, keep relevant stakeholders informed along the way, and support a more collaborative environment.

Define your internal processes before kickoff to ensure a smooth deployment.

Be ready to outline requirements and openly work with a team to set up new parameters and procedures. We at Cybereason came prepared with detailed approval flows, a commitment to deadlines, and closely followed Tipalti’s guidelines.

Don’t give up on implementing a new platform when your company is used to another process.

Realize that you’re undertaking a process that is worth a little effort in the beginning, as it will set your team up for unlimited success and opportunity in the future.

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